Shunryu Suzuki Transcript

c. 1960


"Someone gave me a nice manju, my favorite Japanese confection." It was the beginning of Suzuki's talk to the congregation one Sunday morning. Kato's five-year-old daughter, Kazumi, perked up at the subject of the lecture. "It was so good. I like sweet things too much, but I thought, this too is the taste of Buddha. And Buddha's teaching is like candy. So I ate it slowly and fully appreciated it. You may think that Buddha's teaching is something very grave. But it is also candy."
Source: Kazemitsu Kato remembered a snippet from an early Shunryu Suzuki lecture in English. This transcript is from Crooked Cucumber: Chapter Eleven. There is no audio available.

File name: 60-00-01: candy (titled by pf)

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