Genjo Koan: Paragraphs 1–11

File Name: 66-06-19-A

verbatim transcript, from audio, traffic-informal talking at first - class?. Q & A after lecture. changed "may be not," to "may be enough." 8-28-2020 pf. Changed "[1 word] great mind" to "vast great mind" 8-29-2020 dc.

SR: Someone has my-- my paper.1 Student: [4-6 words unclear.] Wednesday night-- [6-8 words]-- Wednesday night. SR: Wednesday? Student: Yeah. Finish the whole thing. SR: Hmm? Student: Wednesday night we finish the whole thing. SR: No, Wednesday we do Shushogi.2 Do you finish until the bottom part of Page 3? Student: No, I think we finished the whole thing. SR: Whole thing. Student: Wednesday night we did it. SR: Oh. [Laughs.] ... Read Transcript (this version is updated and corrected at times. Any other transcripts below are not).

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