Nansen's “Everyday Mind Is Dao”

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verbatim transcript, from audio, kat and suzuki - fragment w/ps int end cut for trim. Footnotes restored 11/13/2020. Changed "but I meant" to "what I meant" 6-29-2024, pf.

-- it was very, very cold. It was November? I don't remember exactly. November or-- he said [?]-- I told you [him], you know: “Don't wear so-- so much clothing. Even though we wear many clothing, you will not be so warm. And if your practice is sincere enough, even though you do not wear so much, you will not be so cold. If you are involved in intense practice, you know, actually you don't feel so cold.” And so he appeared in zendo [with] only one thin shirt [laughs, laughter]. And he ... Read Transcript (this version is updated and corrected at times. Any other transcripts below are not).

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