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verbatim transcript, from audio, tape noise, 1 n 2 dif lect 2 is 1? Chants at frst n end creek and crickets. Footnotes restored 8/23/2020. Changed "don't why" to "don't know why"; "solve the trouble" to "solve the problem"; "more [1 word]" to "more easier" 8/31/2020 pf.

Tonight, maybe, we will have question and answer. As usual, will you give me some questions? No questions? Student A: Roshi? SR: Hai. Student A: Could you explain how if improvement is one of the causes of suffering, how does our practice relate to it? Zazen seems to me to be one of things that is changing my life to the better. SR: Mm-hmm. “Changing better,” you know, there-- there is problem, you know. Do you mean you have some problem or suffering, and by practice you think you ... Read Transcript (this version is updated and corrected at times. Any other transcripts below are not).

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