Lotus Sutra, Lecture No. III-5

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verbatim transcript, from audio, Multiple attempts to improve sound quality, but still very unclear towards end of audio. Q & A after lecture. Footnotes restored 11/22/2020. New transcription of last section, 6/2021 pf.

I think there must be many things to prepare before you understand-- before you read Lotus Sutra. First of all, we say always, you know, “Mahayana” or “Hinayana.” So what actually means by Hinayana or Mahayana is one of the many things which you should know. Buddha originally left teaching some time for some special people. But even so, people who listen to that-- hear the Buddha's teaching maybe [have] different understanding, according to the ability of the people who listen-- who hear him. So ... Read Transcript (this version is updated and corrected at times. Any other transcripts below are not).

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