Do Not Pass Your Days and Nights in Vain

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Branching Streams Flow in the Darkness, p. 161
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The goal is neither far nor near. If you stick to the idea of good or bad, you will be separated from the way by high mountains or big rivers. Seekers of the truth, don't spend your time in vain. (Translation by Suzuki.)] Here it says: Ayumi wo susumure ba gonnon ni arazu, mayote senga no ko wo hedatsu. Tsutsushinde sangen no hito ni mosu, koin munashiku wataru koto nakare. Ayumi wo susumure ba. Ayumi is “foot” or “step.” Susumure ba: “to carry on.” Susumure ba gonnon ni ... Read Transcript (this version is updated and corrected at times. Any other transcripts below are not).

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