Nona Ransom's Japan film


video, Suzuki's English teacher's 16 mm film from the 30s. Hoitsu Suzuki guesses this film was done around 1935. (11:37) Shunryu Suzuki in his early thirties in several places identified with subtitles.

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A/V Files:
MPEG-4 format Shunryu's son Hoitsu and added a few informative subtitles and some voice over in the scene with Shunryu and friend monk. Whole film (11:37)

YouTube Video This new version (July 2016 edit) includes a few subtitles based on Shunryu's son Hoitsu Suzuki's comments and his voice acting out what Shunryu and friend would be saying when they meet for tea. Other scenes of Japan back then. Whole film (11:37).

YouTube Video Shunryu Suzuki parts from Nona Ransom 1935 Japan film with subtitles and voice over. (2:56)

MPEG-4 format Shunryu Suzuki scenes from the Nona Ransom film with subtitles and voice over. (2:56)

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