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Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind, p. 121 | ZMBM Chart

verbatim transcript, from Los Altos, Los Altos box title: Treasure of Life. Engage Wisdom writes, "Newly imported in 2020 from the original tape reel, this audio recording was previously lost from the archives, with only the 1960’s transcript surviving."

In Zen poem it says, “after the wind—wind has—after the wind stop, I see the flower falling—I see a flower falling. After—because of the singing bird, I find the mountain—mountain calmer.” When something happen in the realm of calmness, we find the calmness. Before anything happen to the calmness, we do not feel the calmness. In Japanese saying it says, “for the moon there is cloud. For the flower we have wind.” Actually—usually it means the evanescence of life which we find it very difficult to live ... Read Transcript (this version is updated and corrected at times. Any other transcripts below are not).

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