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File Name: 66-01-26

Wednesday, January 26, 1966

Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind, p. 38 | ZMBM Chart

from Los Altos Box, Los Altos box title: Horse Sense

In our scripture it is said that there are four kinds of horse -- an excellent one and a not so good ones and bad horse. The best horse will run before it sees the shadow of the whip -- that is the best one. And the second one will run just before the whip reach his skin -- and that is the second one. The third one will run when it feels pain on his body -- that is the third. The fourth one will run after the pain penetrates into his marrow of the bone -- that is the worst one. When we hear this story ... Read Transcript (this version is updated and corrected at times. Any other transcripts below are not).

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