How To Have Sincere Practice

Shunryu Suzuki Transcript

Saturday, April 25, 1970

We … yesterday, our President was expressing great gratitude, and that word -- I have nothing more to say.

Now I should like to introduce Katagiri roshi, who came to help us. Of course one of our teachers, expressing our teacher -- great teacher in your practice in north U.S.

Actually… but actually, that word -- I understand, is formal logic. He was in his monk for many, many years. He went through, (how do you call it?) many problems to promulgate, or to practice our way. But this monk, who doesn’t know anything about Zen, maybe -- is right here, and is great.

The more people around who ask, who practice Zen, and say “It’s too hard” and who think gaining anything without any great effort – even the Buddha’s teaching will be very ???… when we practice that way.

So, I think, I must actually tell some thing , or explain ideas, and I will support it. And I was sincere as to how to practice more than any other.

For this point, my practice and belief constantly to be most, and I am very forgetful.

I am expert in my forgetfulness!

When I think of you, in my mind there is nothing. When I see , when I see you practice, that’s it. That’s all that is. When I see that will be my private teaching.

When you are with teacher, we act. When you are with teacher, we must go in. We renew our practice. For that reason, without any hesitation, it is exactly what is wanted is that [laughter] without rules.

We say, “No, I can’t do anything exactly – what he wants. “

I think that is the true spirit of being student, which we must follow.

Now here, in us, some talk after taking this name of temple.


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