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Saturday, September 7, 1963

[regarding future sesshins] Reverend Suzuki felt that everyone should offer at least some money, that is, that there should be some standard minimum charge (of, say, one or two dollars). In addition there should be a bulletin board notice explaining the entire cost of the sesshin and indicating amounts to be paid by those who can afford to do so, in order to help towards covering the sesshin expenses.

Reverend Suzuki said that when he gets an assistant priest here to help him, he will perhaps be able to develop more areas such as the tea ceremony practice and calligraphy.

Reverend Suzuki said that there would be no Sunday services in English on Sept. 15th and 22nd. On the former date we all should come at 9 am to participate in a general hall--cleaning initiated by Rev. Suzuki with prime regard to the edification and instruction of a group of young boys connected with the temple, but not as yet active participants.


Source: Board Meeting Notes
Excerpted by Peter Ford, June, 2020.


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