Shunryu Suzuki Transcript

Saturday, August 1, 1964

Rev. Suzuki felt that clothing should be clean and tidy [for sesshin]....Reverend Suzuki said. that he and Reverend Katagiri had discussed the possibility of some kind of skirt to be available for either women or men who might need them.

[about a newspaper story] Reverend Suzuki said that it was almost impossible to have correct information printed because of the great liability for misunderstanding. He said that publicity is important, but that we should not discuss it too much, and if it comes out wrong, we can only ignore it; whatever they say, they say; what is important is always to preserve the constant right way….Reverend Suzuki said that it was almost impossible to guard against it; each time there is some mistake, so if we concern ourselves about it too much it may just be a waste of time….Reverend Suzuki said that it may be better just to keep silent!


Source: Board Meeting Notes
Excerpted by Peter Ford, June, 2020.


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