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Saturday, March 6, 1965

Reverend Suzuki replied that he was not committed to any special answer [whether Zen Center members are expected to become members of Sokoji]. He explained that while some people were interested in having this matter clarified, he himself felt indifferent to it.

Reverend Suzuki stated that he at first had the idea that Zen Center as an organization should be separate from the Japanese congregation and that Zen Center ultimately have its own temple. He now feels that the groups understand each other sufficiently so that we can all cooperate together within the same temple.
Reverend Suzuki stressed that the basic need is to develop good students who can go out and help found other zen centers and help people in other places to practice zazen and learn about Buddhism. He emphasized that we should not become attached to this, or any other, building.

Reverend Suzuki thought that this would be a good time to start putting advertisements of our activities into the Saturday papers. There was considerable telephone response to the story appearing in the magazine San Francisco and Reverend Suzuki felt that this interest should be followed through with some ads. The members tentatively considered the form of notice to be used, but nothing was decided upon. Reverend Suzuki said that Bishop Yamada had contributed $100.00 for advertising purposes, which should take care of a few ads.

Source: Board Meeting Notes
Excerpted by Peter Ford, June, 2020.


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