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Saturday, January 25, 1969

Roshi: because Jean cannot attend the entire periods she has refused [to be Shuso]. My idea--someone like Dan can take her place while she is away. She had a very good reputation at Eiheiji. Even though most of the teachers have changed there, she is still known. She practiced there long enough and sincerely enough. In our school nuns are treated uncertainly.
1) I want us to improve the way of treating nuns/women students.
2) Jean is at Monterey--we can help her and she can help us. An advantage for Zen Center for her to be there. She should be a teacher. I don’t want to follow just formality. In the future we will have different kinds of students. I want to have some system.
3)Jean’s family situation is uncertain. I want her to do it now when she can do it. I haven't discussed fully our schedule. We can make plans now.

Branch Zendos: Roshi: more trouble for Zen Center to have Berkeley zendo part of Zen Center. But for now maybe better.
Roshi: the Branch zendos think that I tossed them out. Actually it is up to them to become a part. That will happen when there are more, stronger students. I want them to come closer when they are ready. (Not an exact quote)

Roshi: try to keep Katagi informed about what we are working on.

Roshi: talk to Katagiri [about students' roles in services].

Source: Board Meeting Notes
Excerpted by Peter Ford, June, 2020.


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