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Saturday, November 1, 1969

Roshi: I want to give Katagiri a wider choice.

Roshi: That he [Katagiri] expressed the idea of going East is a way of saying “What are you going to do with me?” I don't want to say you should stay here or you should go. I want him to make up his own mind. I am quite sure that if you expressed strong feeling he might stay.

Roshi: you are officers--but you do not have such good understanding of our way. That is alright--I want you to be yourselves--more straight forward so I don't mind that.

Roshi: why don't you make a committee to discuss with him [Katagiri] salary, etc.

[discussion about inviting lecturers, and clothing/robes]
Roshi: In some way you are too free. Each school should be respected as a separate school. If I go to a Rinzai temple I observe their rules so as not to disturb them.

Roshi: What we are doing is trying to start with a clean white page.
Re: the subject of wearing robes in the zendo in the city. By not prescribing what students wear we can find out what the students want.

Roshi: to talk about sexual things--before we talk about it we should try to experience it more in terms of our practice, personally. When we discuss something we must have some confidence in our experience. It is better to have discussions about some of these things with a group like this.

Source: Board Meeting Notes
Excerpted by Peter Ford, June, 2020.


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