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religious problems concerning such as psychology or LSD 65-07-26-D 65-07-26-D-LE.pdf Recently I find many problems concerning to religious problem, such as psychology ... Q & A after lecture. Footnotes replaced 8-3-2020.
questions 65-07-28-D 65-07-28-D-LE.htm SR: I cannot think of anything to talk [about] for this evening. So if you have ... Footnotes restored 8/4/2020. Changed "SR:-- or going out" to "Student D..." 4-9-2021, pf.
questions 65-07-29-B 65-07-29-B-LE.htm [Are there any]1 questions so far I talked? Student A: Why-- ... Footnotes restored 8/4/2020.
If you have a question 65-07-30-C 65-07-30-C-LE.pdf SR: If you have a question, please give me. I want to answer about what I told ... traffic. Footnotes restored 8-4-2020.
Shushogi, Sections 11–17 66-01-21-A 66-01-21-A-LE.pdf The next chapter1 which we will learn is about precepts. And this ... Changed "or [1 word] precepts" to "or Dogen's precepts"; "[film] negative is" to "a movie, it's"; "his life will" to "his wife will"; "become between" to "come between"; "Let alone [?]" to "Let alone policy" 8/25/2020 pf.
Shushogi, Section 1 66-03-13-B 66-03-13-B-LE.pdf We started to recite Lotus Sutra-- Shushogi. Shushogi is the-- consist of various ... tape fixed, chant, commnt added-4-14-10-start was in mid. Footnotes restored 8/16/2020. Change "should work on" to "should welcome"; "pet of" to "pet dogs"
Genjo Koan, 5-13 66-05-26 66-05-26-LE.pdf Firewood turns into ash, and it does not turn into firewood again. But do not ... Footnotes restored 8/17/2020.
Genjo-Koan: Paragraphs 1–11 66-06-19-A 66-06-19-A-LE.pdf SR: Someone has my-- my paper.1 Student: [4-6 words unclear.] ... traffic-informal talking at first - class?. Q & A after lecture. changed "may be not," to "may be enough." 8-28-2020 pf. Changed "[1 word] great mind" to "vast great mind" 8-29-2020 dc.
Genjo-Koan: Paragraphs 7-9 66-06-19-B 66-06-19-B-LE.pdf [Now it is specifically taught in Buddhism that life does not become death.] ... Changed "six minutes" to "six minutes [seconds]"; "not be [1 word]" to "not be glad" 9/8/2020 pf.
ten precepts 66-06-19-C 66-06-19-C-LE.pdf Last time I explained the ten prohibitory precepts: Do not kill. Do not ... little low. Footnotes restored 8/17/2020. Changed "And whether" to "And further" 9-9-2020 pf.
The second paragraph of the Genjo Koan 66-08-15-A 66-08-15-A-LE.pdf The second paragraph [of the Genjo Koan]: That we move ourselves and understand ... Footnotes restored 8/17/2020.
you cannot appreciate our teaching in its true sense 66-08-15-B 66-08-15-B-LE.pdf [2-3 words] those who cannot appreciate the-- the food we are serving [?] to ...
think everything out 66-08-15-C 66-08-15-C-LE.pdf [It is necessary] for us to think everything out, or else we-- we find it pretty ... bc one file, with above. Footnotes restored 8/17/2020.
The first day of the sesshin is almost finished 66-08-15-D 66-08-15-D-LE.pdf The first day of the sesshin is almost finished. In the first day, I wanted you ... Footnotes restored 9/10/2020.
Our mind should be calm 66-08-16 66-08-16-LE.pdf Zazen doesn't follow [1-3 words unclear]. Our mind should-- should not be ...
This is the fourth day of our sesshin 66-08-18-A 66-08-18-A-LE.pdf Tape operator: As I've said already, this machine has an idiosyncratic quality ... [Lecture reconstructed by tape operator.] Footnotes restored 8/2/2020.
Shobogenzo 66-08-18-B 66-08-18-B-LE.pdf Before translating original text,1 I want to make sure the understanding ... with above
Shobogenzo 66-08-19-A 66-08-19-A-LE.pdf I think you must have tired out [laughing], but not yet. I know you are not tired ... 1&2- A2 has sep brief sr comment at end. Footnotes added 8-1-2020.
Don't be attached to your attainment 66-08-19-B 66-08-19-B-LE.pdf Don't be attached to your attainment as a result of-- as a result of past effort. ...
This fascicle of [Shobogenzo] 66-08-19-C 66-08-19-C-LE.pdf This-- this fascicle of [Shobogenzo] “Sokushin Zebutsu,” “Mind Itself Is Buddha”-- ... slow. Footnotes restored 8/2/2020.
In the first instruction of ten instructions in Gakudo-yojin-shu 66-12-17-A 66-12-17-A-LE.pdf In the first instruction of ten instructions in Gakudo-yojin-shu,1 ...
The Need for Training in Buddhism without Self-Seeking Mind 66-12-17-B 66-12-17-B-LE.pdf In Buddhist training we always received the true Key handed down by our predecessors. ...
you must give up worldly desires 67-04-22-A 67-04-22-A-LE.pdf 1 -- students. I want to give some important points. First of all, ... Footnotes restored 9/10/2020. Changed "by the mirror" to "as a mirror" 9-21-2020 pf.
This sesshin was wonderfully done 67-04-22-B 67-04-22-B-LE.pdf 2 -- you have many things to do for yourself and for Zen Center. You-- ... Footnotes and [Aside in Japanese ...] restored 9/10/2020.
Zen is also Buddhism 67-09-00A 67-09-00A-LE.htm Student: Please come up front if you'd like. SR: Yeah, please come nearer. ... cut few words at first adjust mic - 1 mn ?. Q & A after lecture.
KPFA Radio Interview with Elsa Knight Thompson 67-11-06-I 67-11-06-I-LE.htm Elsa Knight Thompson:1 -- by telling us something more about our ... Footnotes restored 9/10/2020.
The more … we study our way, the more it is difficult to explain it. 67-12-04-B 67-12-04-B-LE.htm Our study-- the more you-- we study our way, the more it is difficult to explain ... creek [audio was no letter-04 ?? Footnotes restored 9/12/2020. Change "know this" to "nowadays" 10-11-2020 pf.
good and bad feeling 67-12-05-A 67-12-05-A-LE.htm In previous lecture, I compared zazen practice and usual everyday activity. In ... creek. Footnotes restored 9/10/2020.
nature of our practice 67-12-05-B 67-12-05-B-LE.htm As the nature of our practice is, like I told you over and over, and the point ... Footnotes restored 9/12/2020.
The mind which [we] will acquire 67-12-06-A 67-12-06-A-LE.htm The mind which [we] will acquire or obtain by our pure practice is, as I said, ... creek. Footnotes restored 10/2/2020.
everything itself is buddha 67-12-06-B 67-12-06-B-LE.htm We say everything has buddha-nature, so we have to treat as a buddha. To say ... voice lowers at end
Shosan Ceremony at Tassajara 67-12-07 67-12-07-LE.htm Buddha-- although Buddha started teaching at Varanasi,1 but actually ... creek shosan. Footnotes restored 10/2/2020.
Meal Chant 68-01-11B 68-01-11B-LE.htm I already explained about Maitreya Buddha when I explained about the three period-- ... see above, spedup a bit at B2- 57:15. Q & A after lecture. Student A's question and part of Suzuki's response are not on the now available audio.
Samantabhadra Buddha 68-01-12 68-01-12-LE.htm We are still studying about Samantabhadra Buddha. This buddha is told in Saddharma-- ... frgmnt to :50 slowed downat1st spedat:43. Q & A after lecture. Footnotes restored 10/12/2020.
Because I was not well 68-04-23-A 68-04-23-A-LE.htm Because I was not well [?], I am sorry I couldn't join your practice so much. ... for A and B. Q & A after lecture. Footnotes restored 10/12/2020. Changed "steam" to "stream", "sprit" to "spirit" 11/9/2020 pf.
What is Soto and what is Rinzai? 68-07-21 68-07-21-LE.htm 1-- I don't think [laughs] we can reach conclusion. I was asked ... 2nd half prt 1 louder. Q & A after lecture. Footnotes restored 10/13/2020.
bodhisattva's ten powers 68-08-25 68-08-25-LE.htm This morning I want to continue the explanation of the ten powers. This-- those ... [Verbatim transcript partially done. (Sound problem.)] Footnotes restored 10/13/2020.
Nansen's “Everyday Mind Is Dao” 69-03-10 69-03-10-LE.htm -- it was very, very cold. It was November? I don't remember exactly. November ... kat and suzuki - fragment w/ps int end cut for trim. Footnotes restored 11/13/2020.
how to take our bodhisattva's vow 69-04-29 69-04-29-LE.htm This morning I want to-- to explain how to take our bodhisattva's vow. We say ... Audio. Footnotes restored 11/13/2020. Changed "I try" to "I will try" 12/7/2020 pf.
Rinzai Zen and Soto Zen 69-07-00 69-07-00-LE.htm In-- in America, between Rinzai Zen and Soto Zen there-- there must be some clear ... Footnotes restored 11/13/2020.
FORM AND EMPTINESS II 69-07-09 69-07-09-LE.htm In our previous lectures we have studied the relationship between-- relationship ... creek. Q & A after lecture. Footnotes restored 11/13/2020.
That is the purpose of counting 69-07-28 69-07-28-LE.htm 1 -- mind. That is the purpose of counting. Not just count, you know. Student ... loud crickets. Footnotes restored 11/14/2020.
the most important precept 69-08-01 69-08-01-LE.htm As a Buddhist, of course, the most important precept is to-- to believe in Buddha ... loud creek. Footnotes restored 11/14/2020. Changed "[tape defective and unclear for 8-12 words]" to "the statement, "everything changes," just to ignore old way of life" 12-29-2020 pf.
The first teaching 69-08-02 69-08-02-LE.htm I'm afraid I will-- I am making you hotter [laughs] because I cough and my lecture ... voice goes low crickets. Added "(a)—(b)—(c):" and footnotes restored 11/14/2020. Changed "should ignore" to "should not ignore", "electric bombs" to "electric bulbs" 1-1-2021 pf.
We practice zazen so that we attain selflessness 69-08-03 69-08-03-LE.htm As most of you know, this is Yoshimura Ryogen Sensei.1 Ryogen Yoshimura ... crickets. Footnotes restored 11/14/2020. Changed "the water too" to "that water too"; "helping you." to "helping." 1-4-2021 pf.
some questions 69-08-12 69-08-12-LE.htm [I did not]1 prepare for tonight lecture anything. So I want you to ... slipping tape on 2. Footnotes restored 12/23/2020. Change "another words" to "other words" 1-8-2021 pf. Changed "soup and the fish" to "soup of the fish" 1-31-2021 pf.
our way to attain liberation 69-08-18 69-08-18-LE.htm SR: Tonight I want to discuss about our way to attain liberation or enlightenment. ... crickets. Q & A after lecture. Changed "Joint" to "Jinshu" 12-23-2020 pf. Footnotes restored 12/23/2020. Change "thought" to "sword"; "sounds like 'weapon'" to "weapon"; "know whose" to "knows whose" 1-15-2021 pf.
some questions 69-08-21 69-08-21-LE.pdf SR: If you want, please come here. I am sorry I haven't prepare anything ... crickets flange trim more? Changed "disorder" to "this order", "can accept [expect?]. That" to "can, except that" 8/20/2020 pf.
twelve links of causation 69-08-23 69-08-23-LE.pdf Let's continue to study about twelve links of causation. Causation of-- one understanding ... crickets. Q & A after lecture. Footnotes restored 8/22/2020. Changed "three words: to follow [?] way" to "three worlds, two-fold way" 8/24/2020 pf.
question and answer 69-08-25 69-08-25-LE.pdf Tonight, maybe, we will have question and answer. As usual, will you give me ... 1 n 2 dif lect 2 is 1? Chants at frst n end creek and crickets. Footnotes restored 8/23/2020. Changed "don't why" to "don't know why"; "solve the trouble" to "solve the problem"; "more [1 word]" to "more easier" 8/31/2020 pf.
Sesshin, Shosan Ceremony 69-09-00-E 69-09-00-E-LE.htm SR: -- it will be the foundation of the everyday activity. That is real [1 ... Added "stop violence"; change "eat" to "do it", "you can [1-2 words]" to "you can get by thus [?]" 1-22-2021 pf.
new students questions 69-10-14 69-10-14-LE.htm SR: Since I resigned from Sokoji Temple, I-- my mind become more busy than before. ... Footnotes restored 12/23/2020.
Lotus Sutra, Lecture No. III-1 69-10-20 69-10-20-LE.html As many of you are the students who joined our training-- this training period, ... spedup toward end. Q & A after lecture. Changed "repeats come" to "repeats some" 9-29-2020 pf.
Lotus Sutra, Lecture No. III-2 69-10-23 69-10-23-LE.html -- out things difficult to understand. The mystery of Tathagata is difficult ... sped up. Change "but in Hinayana" to "but in Mahayana"; "of if" to "or if" 10-3-2020 pf.
Lotus Sutra, Lecture No. III-4 69-10-25 69-10-25-LE.htm Last night1 I explained the most important part of this chapter [II], ... sped up. Q & A after lecture. Footnotes restored 11/20/2020.
Lotus Sutra, Lecture No. III-6 69-10-30 69-10-30-LE.pdf The print-- print you have got there is trans- -- mostly translated from Kumarajiva's ... extreme spedup. Q & A after lecture.
Lotus Sutra, Lecture No. III-7 69-11-07 69-11-07-LE.pdf In this sutra in Chapter II, “Skillful Means,” he-- he is correcting our misunderstanding ... loud. Q & A after lecture. Footnotes restored 8/7/2020.
Miss Ransom was teacher of conversation 69-11-09 69-11-09-LE.htm Peter Schneider: I would like to ask Roshi a question for the Wind Bell that ... trim. Q & A after lecture. Footnotes restored 12/23/2020.
some questions 69-11-11 69-11-11-LE.htm SR: If you-- if you have some question, I am happy to answer for the question. ... Footnotes restored 12/24/2020. Change "sew" to "sow"; "will run" to "will learn" 2-7-2021 pf.
form is emptiness, and emptiness is form 69-11-13 69-11-13-LE.htm Tonight I am supposed to explain “form is emptiness, and emptiness is form.” ... Q & A after lecture. Footnotes restored 12/24/2020. Change "one [?]" to "one [wander?]" 2-16-2021.
pinch hitter 69-11-25 69-11-25-LE.htm SR: I am very happy to be with you. I am rather tired, and pinch hitter1 ... seems mostly Kat
Winter Sesshin Lecture No. 6 69-12-04 69-12-04-LE.htm Our sesshin is already nearing to the end. As I said before, this sesshin will ... little sped? Footnotes restored 12/24/2020. Changed "hyakujiko" to "hyakujitsuko" 2-19-2021 pf.
Ordination Ceremony: Bill Kwong and Silas Hoadley 70-01-11 70-01-11-LE.htm We have ordination ceremony for Bill Kwong and Silas Hoadley after this lecture-- ... A B on files - 1 2? Wind?
Rules 70-01-18 70-01-18-LE.htm In Japan now it is a season of typhoon. And recently, on the 16th, a typhoon ... Footnotes restored 1/11/2021.
each one of us is a cook 70-02-01-B 70-02-01-B-LE.htm Sesshin is almost-- sesshin has almost completed. In this sesshin, we have learned ... bit of ms. Footnotes restored 1/11/2021.
“an unsurpassed, penetrating Buddha” 70-02-08 70-02-08-LE.htm Each time we-- we start lecture, we recite “an unsurpassed, penetrating Buddha,” ... Footnote restored 1/11/2021.
Remarks at the Ceremony Officially Opening Beginner's Mind Temple 70-04-25 70-04-25-LE.htm Suzuki (speaking formally): On this day of the opening of Mahabodhisattva Zendo ... from A n B ? See below. 2 footnotes added 1/11/2021.
we try to control or restrict our activity 70-05-05 70-05-05-LE.htm Once a time of one thousand or two thousand is not so long time in comparison ... Footnote restored 1/12/2021. Changed "Very strong:" to "Based on" 3-1-2021 pf.
our practice is expression of our true buddha-mind 70-08-04 70-08-04-LE.htm In-- in everyday life, to observe precepts and, in our practice, to continue ... Q & A after lecture. Footnotes restored 1/12/2021.
Priest Ordination Ceremony: Paul Discoe and Reb Anderson 70-08-09 70-08-09-LE.htm Suzuki (speaking formally):1 -- Paul Discoe and [1 word unclear] ... Footnotes restored 1/12/2021.
restore the Buddhist teaching in its original way 70-08-16-A 70-08-16-A-LE.htm -- restore the Buddhist teaching in its original way. So that you don't ...
when someone receives transmission 70-08-25-A 70-08-25-A-LE.htm As some of-- some of you may know, tomorrow I am leaving San Francisco for-- ... Footnotes restored 2/14/2021.
Teisho (Introduced by Jakusho Kwong) 70-12-23 70-12-23-LE.htm Zazen-- zazen practice, for us, more and more become important. Nowadays, as ... low level-MV womn Kwong-intr-chant-SR
no practice will destroy people 70-12-27 70-12-27-LE.htm Dogen Zenji said sickness does not, you know, destroy-- destroy people, but no ... Footnote restored 2/14/2021.
Just Enough Problems 71-02-12-A 71-02-12-A-LE.htm This is the seventh day of the sesshin, and you came already too far. So you ... 2 lectures - saved one with all chants. Footnote restored 2/14/2021.
it is actually Buddha's practice 71-02-20 71-02-20-LE.htm Buddha's practice goes first. Our practice goes. We say, “our practice,” but ... A? short
Okesa Ceremony 71-06-06 71-06-06-LE.htm Tenshin: I will read now a translation of the sutra we just chanted: Listen ... low level at first. Footnotes restored 2/14/2021. Changed "intention [attention?]" to "activity", "this family" to "this ceremony" 3-26-2021 pf.
sewing sesshin 71-06-20 71-06-20-LE.htm This sesshin-- we call it “sewing sesshin”-- sesshin and, actually, rakusu sewing-- ... only 2. Q & A after lecture. Footnotes restored 2/14/2021.
Translation of Unknown Text 71-08-00 71-08-00-LE.htm “Therefore, no buddha attained enlightenment without the form of shaving head-- ...… w yvonne - but cut her his early few words. Footnote restored 2/14/2021.