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April '70
Day of Mel Weitsman's shuso ceremony at Tassajara.
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Front couple of rows: Maya Dreimane, ?, Peter Schneider, Ruthie Discoe, Claude Dalenberg, Reb Anderson, Silas Hoadley, Mel Weitsman, Peter diGesu, Sotan Tatsugami, Alan Marlowe, Dainin Katagiri, Jean Ross, Louise Pryor Welch, Jim McGuire, Bill Kwong, Marian Derby, Mary Quagliata, Helen? ?, Angie Runyan. Mid Rows L to R: Araki, Jan Westberg (Schneider), Doris Griffin, Dianne Goldschlag, Ed Brown, Sandy Hollister, Deborah Madison, Amy Richmond, Meg Gawler?, Bonnie Miller, Lew Richmond, Bob Halpern, ?, Ken Straus, Paul Shippee, Lew Musto, ?, Frank Wood, David Chadwick, ?, Mark Lewis, Lucille Harris, Katharine Thanas, Kathy Cook Hoadley,?, Joanna Bull, Back rows: Reuvane be Yumin, Frances Thompson, Bob Shuman, E.L. Hazelwood, Jim ?, Niels Holm, Margret Kress, Jerry Fuller, Bill Shurtleff, Craig Boyan, Paul Discoe, ?,?, Donn DeAngelo Crockin, Jack Elias (another version in Tassajara 25th book, p. 14)
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