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Fall, 1967
Oldest Group Photo at Tassajara; by Minoru Aoki. 
After the first practice period.L to R top row: Jim Morton, ?,?(young couple from Midwest there summer & fall says Liz Wolf), Niels Holm, ?, Buncie Shadden?, EL Hazelwood, Liz Wolf, Tim Buckley, Kobun Chino, Chris Flynn, Mike Daft, ?,?, Noah (dog), Doug Anderson, Nancy Lay. Middle row: Bob Halpern, ?, Paul Discoe, ?, ?, Loring Palmer, Jack Elias, David Chadwick, Ed Brown, Louise (Pryor) Welch, Dan Welch, Shunryu Suzuki, Clarke Mason, Bob Watkins, Sandy Watkins, Stan White, Fran Keller, Tom O'Leary or Dot Luce. Front: ?, Ruthie Discoe, Peter Schneider, Jane Westberg (Schneider), Tony Johansen? Click for photo without lines.
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