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it is actually Buddha's practice

Saturday, February 20, 1971

Buddha's practice goes first. Our practice goes.

We say, “our practice,” but it is actually Buddha's practice. We should know this point. This is the key point of our practice.

I don't know how many people want to practice zazen, but as long as their practice is involved in personal practice, it is not true practice. If we practice selfish personal practice, it means that we are accumulating our karma more and more instead of releasing our previous karma.

Because of many bad choices—things you accumulated in previous life—you are right here and practicing under [Sotan Ryosen] Tatsugami Roshi. In spite of his difficult situation, Tatsugami Roshi is here.

Again, when Buddha's practice goes first, real practice will be ours.

The more you know what is practice, the greater your practice will become.

We must be very, very grateful to join this practice—day by day, moment after moment.

Sorry to disturb your practice.

Thank you.

Source: Original tape SR-71-02-20 transcribed by Bill Redican 9/12/99. Lightly edited for readability by Wendy Pirsig and Peter Ford (3/2021).


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