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Transcripts default to ordinary web pages which are updated with many corrections made over time. Since the quality of the audio files is often lacking, as is our hearing ability, there are undoubtedly gaps, mistakes and ambiguities in the transcripts. Gaps are usually marked with a series of question marks: ???. Uncertain words are usually followed by a question mark in brackets: [?].

Many audio and edited versions are also available.
Suggested Edited Versions have been edited for readability.
Recently added or significantly updated versions of Shunryu Suzuki lectures are here.
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The new (since late 2019) SFZC presentation of The Suzuki Roshi Audio Archive by Engage Wisdom with their in-depth articles giving context, history, and connections.


Film/Video Section - Shunryu Suzuki moving image

Lots new happening in the video section linked to Youtube cuke video in 2015.

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Photos - many hundreds added including stills from the films


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Publications including the Wind Bells

This website is the unadulterated Shunryu Suzuki archive—the lecture transcripts and audio and video and photos.

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