Film & Slide Show
of photos with Mitsu Suzuki

Individual film links marked with 🎥 below are to download and play on your own device. It's easier to watch them on YouTube.

🎥 Just the photos slide show - with traditional Japanese music (7:56)
Cuke Video YouTube - Mitsu Slide show

🎥 Film with Mitsu at Sokoji 1968 plus slide show (13:49)
Cuke Video YouTube - Slide show with Mitsu film segment

🎥 Film segment with Mitsu is in the Zen Mt. Center film section
and easier to use YouTube Cuke Video film segment with Mitsu at the playlist for the KQED ZMC film.

Photos from the slide show

All Wind Bell photos with Mitsu from here

ZMC KQED photos with that film here

The rest, below, are in the same order as the slide show
from DC computer and ZC and other web posts
All of the photos will soon have as many names as we can com up with. DC - 1-26-16

Received after the slide show made

Received after the photo slide show made below

Shunko Mike Jamvold (RIP) with Mitsu

Airport 1993

at Green Gulch Farm

At SFZC City Center on Page St.