San Do Kai Talk

Shunryu Suzuki in the zendo at Tassajara June 3, 1970

Lecture on San Do Kai with clips from service

Branching Streams Flow in the Darkness: Zen Talks on the Sandokai, University of California Press. On Amazon.


It's easiest to watch on YouTube. Individual film links marked with 🎥 below are to download and play on your own device.

The original black and white with no sound - 🎥 Complete footage (191 Mb) (15:46)

🎥 Branches of the Sandokai - with Suzuki's voice added (123 Mb) from One Particle of Dust, a DVD produced by Timothy O'Conner Fraser, Michael Wenger - (c) 2005 - SFZC - Voice from the lecture audio synched with footage from the film plus stills. Presented now alone in one piece, having combined this footage from several places in that DVD. More on it at the bottom of the video main page.

Here's a version of the section with Suzuki's voice synched on the SFZC site.

3-14-14 - A nice very short clip of Shunryu Suzuki on YouTube from this San Do Kai talk. (The kanji on the blackboard are by yours truly - DC.) And this clip is also in the video put together by Mel Van Dusen.

🎥 Slide show with stills taken from this film


YouTube playlist for this film

Page for this lecture given on June 3, 1970 - with links to transcripts and audio

Chart of Sandokai lectures

Stills from the Film

Mel Weitsman

Alan Marlow

Mel Weitsman

Mariane Derby, Alan Marlow, ?

Marian Derby (Mountain, Wisberg)

Marian Derby (Mountain, Wisberg)

Right side: Jerry Fuller, Tim Aston, EL Hazelwood,
Craig Boyan, ?. Left side ?



Dianne (Daya) Goldschlag

Dianne (Daya) Goldschlag

Dianne and Angie Runyan

Reb Anderson

I prepared the blackboard for these lectures, studied the Sandokai in the Chinese and Japanese at the time with Suzuki though not at great length. Very tolerant of Suzuki to allow such awful chalkmanship. - DC

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