Sandokai - Unity of One and Many
Shunryu Suzuki lectures
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Branching Streams Flow in the Darkness: Zen Talks on the Sandokai,
University of California Press

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Things-As-It-Is 25 70-05-27 70-05-27.pdf 70-05-27V.pdf 73-00-Sandokai-01.pdf Sandokai1.pdf I am so grateful to have chance to discuss about or to talk about Sandokai. This ... reb intro says may25. Q & A after lecture.
Warm Hand to Warm Hand 37 70-05-30 70-05-30.pdf 70-05-30V.pdf v13-1-2-74-2nd-sandokai-lec.pdf Sandokai2.pdf Line 2 was handed down closely from west to east. Line 3 People may ... Q & A after lecture.
Buddha Is Always Here 49 70-06-01 70-06-01.pdf 70-06-01V.pdf v14-sandokai-lec-no3.pdf Sandokai3.pdf Line 5 The true source is pure and stainless. Line 6 The branch ...
The Blue Jay Will Come Right into Your Heart 61 70-06-03 70-06-03.pdf 70-06-03V.pdf v15-sandokai-lec-no4.pdf Sandokai4.pdf Line 9 The five sense gates and the five sense objects Line 10 ... YouTube Video (Cross Reference) Q & A after lecture.
Today We May Be Very Happy 73 70-06-10 70-06-10.pdf 70-06-10V.pdf v16-sandokai-lec-no5.pdf Sandokai6.pdf Things have various natures, various forms. There is good and bad, taste, sound, ... Q & A after lecture.
The Boat Is Always Moving 83 70-06-13 70-06-13.pdf 70-06-13V.pdf v17-1--sandokai-lec-no6.pdf Sandokai7.pdf Line 17 The four elements resume their nature Line 18 as a child ... Q & A after lecture.
Without Any Idea of Attainment 95 70-06-17 70-06-17.pdf 70-06-17V.pdf v19-2-85-sandokai-lec-no8.pdf Sandokai8.pdf Line 21 For eyes there is color and form, for ears there is sound, Line ... Q & A after lecture.
Within Light There Is Utter Darkness 109 70-06-20 70-06-20.pdf 70-06-20V.pdf v21-2-sandokai-lec-no9.pdf Sandokai9.pdf Sandokai Lecture IX Saturday, June 20, 1970 Tassajara [The following lines ... Q & A after lecture.
The Willow Tree Cannot Be Broken 121 70-06-25 70-06-25.pdf 70-06-25V.pdf v22-1-sandokai-lec-no10.pdf Sandokai10.pdf Darkness and brightness stand with each other like when one foot is forward ... Q & A after lecture.
Suffering Is a Valuable Thing 135 70-06-27 70-06-27.pdf 70-06-27V.pdf v22-2-sandokai-lec-no11.pdf Sandokai11.pdf Line 33 Everything––all beings––have their own virtue. Line 34 You should ...
A Short Talk During Zazen 147 70-06-28 v33-2-short-zazen-talk.pdf You should sit zazen with your whole body; your spine, mouth, toes, mudra. Check ...
We Should Not Stick to Words or Rules Too Much 151 70-07-04 70-07-04.pdf 70-07-04V.pdf v23-1-sandolai-lec-not-always-so.pdf Sandokai12.pdf If you listen to the words, you should understand the source of the teaching. ... Wind Bell title: "It Is Not Always So" Sandokai Lecture No. 12
Do Not Pass Your Days and Nights in Vain 161 70-07-06 70-07-06.pdf 70-07-06V.pdf v23-2-dont-spend-time-in-vain.pdf Sandokai13.pdf The goal is neither far nor near. If you stick to the idea of good or bad, you ... Q & A after lecture. Changed "Student A" to "Craig (Boyan)" 10-13-2022.
We Are Just a Tiny Speck of Big Being 177 70-06-06 70-06-06.pdf 70-06-06V.pdf v24-1-gen-spirit-sandokai.pdf Sandokai5.pdf Purpose of study of Buddhism is to have perfect understanding of things, and ... Lecture to Professor Weller's Visiting Class with chants at end. Q & A after lecture.