Shunryu Suzuki Transcript

June, 1968


-- up to about the scroll right there. That is Bodhidharma-- Bodhidharma, the First Chinese Patriarch. He came to China five, maybe-- we don't know exactly when. But 500, maybe 10 [510 A.D.] or 11 [511 A.D.] he came to China. He was a prince of some-- some country near India-- Koshi—Koshikoku {Kiji or Kijikoku later - Kashmir } in Japanese. And he was one of the many teachers who practiced zazen in India, and he came to China.

And there is a famous story about him. But before I explain-- talk about him, I want you-- to explain something about those scrolls. Excuse me.

[Sound problem: low volume. SR gets up and walks around room.]

File name: 68-06-00: untitled (Not Verbatim) little sped up toward end on 1 strange sound on 1 at end and 2 at first. [Verbatim transcript not available. (Sound problem.)]

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