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Lotus Sūtra No. I-2 68-02-00-B 68-02-00A-F-bf.pdf A ray issued from Buddha's forehead between eyebrow. Everyone could see many ... sped up at end - join 1n2 for t-B not like A. 2023-08-26
We are not perfect 66-07-23 Before, we have been discussing about what is bodhisattva-mind, how to help others ... 2023-07-28
True Happiness and Renewal of Practice at Year's End 68-12-21 Everyone seek for our true happiness maybe, but our happiness cannot be true ... 2023-07-19
Lotus Sutra, Lecture No. II-7 68-10-00-F 68-10-00-F-LE.htm Yesterday I told you about Ajnata-Kaundinya [repeats different pronunciations], ... little higher voice. Q & A after lecture. 2023-07-16
Ignorance 67-09-08-C 67-09-08-C-LE.htm ...a question. So, this is a very difficult question because this question covers ... Audio of this lecture came from Q & A after lecture. 2023-06-14
To Study The Self 66-02-19-A 66-02-19-A-LE.htm SR: Once a candle start to burn it will continue to burn on altar[?]—but when ... Date is approximate. This audio was separated from 66-02-19 at the tape operator's announcement. Audio quality is poor, so this is a rough verbatim transcript. 2023-06-05
Talk at Grace Cathedral, San Francisco 68-06-00-GC GRACE CATHEDRAL — Zen Buddhism had its debut at Grace Cathedral to a congregation ... See this page for a scan of the article and notes. Actual date found in Della Goertz' notebook. 2023-04-29
Although We Have Nothing, We Can Help Others By Offering Things 66-07-07 66-07-07-LE.htm “To benefit of -- to benefit others we have four types of wisdom: charity, tenderness, ... 2023-03-08
Esalen Institute, Second Lecture: Observing the Precepts 68-06-29 Last night I talked about construction of teaching and our practice in one word ... Esalen Institute: Second of two lectures. 2023-02-01
Lotus Sutra, Lecture No. II-6 68-10-00-E 68-10-00-E-LE.htm The other day someone asked me back about Vairocana Buddha. Vairocana Buddha ... 2022-12-14
Lotus Sutra, Lecture No. II-8 68-10-00-G Buddha's disciples were very good people, generous and honest and sincere, but ... Q & A after lecture. 2022-11-11
The Way-Seeking Mind 66-03-26-A When we feel the evanescence of life, or when we have problem for ourselves, ...… (Sound problem.) 2022-11-09