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“wisdom seeks for wisdom” 65-07-22 65-07-22-LE.htm We are studying now the sutra of the sixth patriarch, in the evening lecture, ... Section added 10/22/2021 from SDH transcription. Newly available in 2020 from the original tape reel, this audio recording was previously lost from the archives, with only the 1960’s transcript surviving. [Los Altos] 2021-12-08
forgotten the value of religion 65-07-27-A 65-07-27-A-ch.htm [Section added 10/22/2021] In Soto School, most of Zen masters do not use koan ... Section added 10/22/2021 from SDH transcription. traffic 2022-01-26
Pure Rules 65-07-28-AN For the instance, your seat—half—this—from here to here is your seat. You must—even ... Transcript from newly digitized audio by SDH, 9/21. (Sound problem.) Summer Sesshin July 1965, Wednesday morning 9:00am Instruction. 2022-01-29
Lunch Instruction 65-07-28-BN [Some words missed]... he [Buddha] came back and he ate his food, his meal, from ... Transcription SDH 9/21. Tape 3 Summer Sesshin July 1965 Wednesday morning 12:00 lunch instruction. (Sound problem.)] 2022-02-27
Calmness 65-08-26 65-08-26-LE.htm In Zen poem it says, “after the wind—wind has—after the wind stop, I see the ... Los Altos box title: Treasure of Life. Engage Wisdom writes, "Newly imported in 2020 from the original tape reel, this audio recording was previously lost from the archives, with only the 1960’s transcript surviving." 2022-01-16
Study Yourself 65-09-09 The purpose of studying Buddhism is—is not to—to study Buddhism, but to study ... Los Altos box title: Forgetting Ourselves. Engage Wisdom writes, "Newly imported in 2020 from the original tape reel, this audio recording was previously lost from the archives, with only the 1960’s transcript surviving." 2022-03-02
Beginner's Mind 65-11-11 People say to study Zen is difficult, in what way—but there is some misunderstanding ... Was 11-10 but 11-11 = thurs. Engage Wisdom writes, "Newly imported in 2020 from the original tape reel, this audio recording was previously lost from the archives, with only the 1960’s transcript surviving." [Los Altos] 2022-01-22
In the Prajnaparamita Sutra 66-01-21-BN In Prajnaparamita Sutra, which we recite every morning and evening, it says, “No ... 2022-02-04
Tokusan and The Old Lady 66-01-22N [Tape operator tests microphone] To practice sesshin [30 second gap in audio ... This tape has been reprocessed, and some of the transcript may be clear now. Seems more like an end of sesshin lecture. (Sound problem.) Lecture date has been changed. 2022-03-25
Where There is Some Limitation, There is Universality 66-02-18 Every morning at monastery it says, "In the night—in the darkness, there is brightness, ... Transcript and title, SDH 10/21. Lecture date is approximate. 2022-03-10
Tokusan and The Old Lady, part 1 66-02-19 Our aim is always constant, and same -- same way. But I should -- I would like ... This is a partial lecture found on a problem tape. 2022-01-17
To Study The Self 66-02-19-A Tape operator: Sesshin afternoon lecture SR: Once a candle starts to burn it ... Date is approximate. This audio was separated from 66-02-19 at the tape operator's announcement. 2021-12-30
Genjo Koan continued 66-03-13-C I want to continue the lecture about Dogen Zenji's Genjo Koan. It is almost impossible ... Transcript in progress, SDH 9/21 Unintelligble words or phrases marked ?? or ??? depending on duration of lacuna. Date is unlikely to be correct. 2021-10-26
Real Calmness Is In A Noisy Place 66-03-26-C Our monthly one-day sesshin is not a matter of something unusual for us anymore; ... 2021 newly discovered tape. Old title was "Way-Seeking Mind and Right Practice." 2022-04-18
We Are Always Helping Others 66-07-23-A [Tape operator's microphone test at beginning, followed by silence up to 1:00] I'm ... 2021 newly discovered tape. Transcript from Engage Wisdom website. Many inaudible words. 2022-02-28
Causality 66-08-17N Sesshin: Evening Lecture Sokoji, San Francisco The topic about causality—causality. ... traffic and weird. (Sound problem.) Changed "but before ???" to "but before Hegel", "each is Buddha. Each" to "and Is is Buddha. Is" 1/15/2022 sdh. 2022-01-07
when you have a new experience 67-08-02 …called gyo, or practice. This kind of process will be understood. So, when some ... A handwritten note on a Green Gulch copy says that date might be 8/19/67, and typed at the top says "Tassajara: week-sesshin ending the first training period, August, 1967." 2022-04-27
Genjo Koan 67-08-20 Our understanding will be four: one is form is emptiness, and emptiness is form, ... 2022-04-30
Genjo-Koan No. 2 [1?] 67-08-21 67-08-21-LE.htm Every day we work to support our activity. There will be a slight difference ... Suzuki is commenting on paragraphs 6 and 9–11 of Genjō-kōan. 2021-11-22
Buddhism Is Not a Special Teaching; Enlightenment Is Not a Particular Stage 67-08-23 Buddhism is not any special teaching, and enlightenment is not any particular ... 2022-05-04
To Polish A Tile Is Our Practice Actually 67-08-24-D 67-08-24-D-LE.htm This morning we understood how important it is to practice Zen; to understand our ... 2021 newly discovered tape. 2021-11-25
Practice Zazen With Your Whole Mind And Body 67-09-08-A [First words missing; according to the tape operator (see end), they are: “There ... 2022-01-27
Think the Unthinkable 67-12-04-A 67-12-04-A-LE.htm To talk about merit of Zen for beginners is like to count other’s treasure. So ... 2021 newly discovered tape. Afternoon Tassajara sesshin lecture. Changed "fast" to "fact" (multiple times) 12-28-2021, DC. 2021-12-01
Esalen Institute: First of two lectures 68-06-28 68-06-28-LE.htm I find it's difficult to keep contact with you when I--whenever we talks--I talk, ... Q & A after lecture. Changed "For we" to "So we", "about life" to "of our life", "this continuity" to "discontinuity", add quotes "Oh, it's okay" "Oh, that is true, that is okay", "saw it as" to "sword has", "soft, soft" to "soft, so" 5-21-2021 pf. 2021-11-03
Bring Me The Rhinoceros Fan 68-07-22 68-07-22-LE.htm The people say, Zen is, you know, is very difficult to understand. Yes, it is difficult, ... Changed "separate" to "satisfactory"; "true zazen" to "true dragon"; "He did say" to "He didn't say"; "Is there difficulty?" to "Easy decision."; "difficult word" to "difficult to win"; "appointed" to "who is"; "hit it" to "hit you" 4/4/2022 pf. 2022-04-08
Bodhidharma 68-07-23 [First words missed] ... asked me about the scroll right there. That is Bodhidharma ... Renamed in 2/2022 based on Engage Wisdom audio - old file name: 68-06-00. 2022-02-23
at the end of the year we clean up our house 68-12-29 68-12-29-LE.htm Next Tuesday we will have no lecture, so this will be--this lecture will be ... [Verbatim transcript not available. (Sound problem.)] Made verbatim 1/2022. 2022-01-14
zazen practice and to listen to right teacher 70-08-03 70-08-03-LE.htm In our practice two important practice is zazen practice and to listen to your ...… 2022-02-14