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Note: Rows below without page numbers were other lectures of the period given at Los Altos and used in preparing Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind.
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Beginner's Mind 21 65-11-11 prologue.html 65-11-11U.pdf 01-beginner's%20Mind.htm ZenMindDraft_Prologue.pdf People say to study Zen is difficult, in what way—but there is some misunderstanding ... Was 11-10 but 11-11 = thurs. Engage Wisdom writes, "Newly imported in 2020 from the original tape reel, this audio recording was previously lost from the archives, with only the 1960’s transcript surviving." [Los Altos]
Posture 25 65-08-12 65-08-12U.pdf ZenMindDraft_Posture.pdf 65-08-12LE.pdf I want to explain about our posture we take. When you sit left foot is on your ... Los Altos box title: Lecture on Posture
Breathing 29 65-11-04 65-11-04U.pdf ZenMindDraft_Breathing.pdf When we practice our mind always follow our breathing. When we inhale, the ... Los Altos box title: Swinging Door
Control 31 67-03-23 67-03-23U.pdf ZenMindDraft_Control.pdf To live in the realm of Buddha Nature means to die as a small being, moment after ... Changed "his policy is not so easy" to "this policy is not so easy" 10-14-2016, DC. [Los Altos]
Mind Waves 34 67-01-12 67-01-12U.pdf ZenMindDraft_Mind_Waves1.pdf Don’t try to stop the thinking when you are practicing zazen. Let it stop. If ... [Los Altos]
Mind Weeds 36 65-11-18 65-11-18U.pdf 11-self-nourishment.htm ZenMindDraft_Mind_Waves2.pdf When you get up early in the morning by alarm, I think you don’t feel so well. ... Los Altos box title: Self-Nourishment. Was 11-17 but 11-18 = thurs
The Marrow of Zen 38 66-01-26 66-01-26U.pdf 06-horse-sense.htm ZenMindDraft_Marrow_of_Zen.pdf In our scripture it is said that there are four kinds of horse -- an excellent ... Los Altos box title: Horse Sense
No Dualism 41 67-11-02 67-11-02U.pdf ZenMindDraft_No_Dualism.pdf We say our practice without gaining idea, practice without expecting even enlightenment, ... [Los Altos]
Bowing 43 65-12-02 65-12-02U.pdf ZenMindDraft_Bowing2.pdf [After demonstration of Buddhist bow] To bow is very important-- one of the ... [Los Altos]
Nothing Special 46 65-10-14 65-10-14U.pdf 13-nothing-special.htm ZenMindDraft_Nothing_Special.pdf I don’t feel to speak after zazen. I feel the practice of zazen is enough but ... was dated wrong as 16 [14=thurs] [Los Altos]
Single-Minded Way 51 65-12-16 65-12-16U.pdf ZenMindDraft_Single-minded_Way.pdf The purpose of my talk is not to give you some intellectual understanding but ... Los Altos box title: Railway Track
Repetition 55 66-02-09 Reptition.html 66-02-09U.pdf 08-bread.htm ZenMindDraft_Repetition.pdf In India there were many schools. We count major school -- we count six major ... Los Altos box title: Bread
Zen and Excitement 57 66-02-24 66-02-24U.pdf 05-excitement.htm ZenMindDraft_Zen_and_Excitement.pdf My master passed away when I was thirty three. So after his death I became pretty ... [Los Altos]
Right Effort 59 67-05-18 67-05-18U.pdf ZenMindDraft_Right_Effort.pdf The most important point in our practice is to have right effort. The right effort ... [Los Altos]
No Trace 62 66-06-23 66-06-23U.pdf ZenMindDraft_No_Trace.pdf When we sit in this way our mind is calm and quite simple. But usually our mind ... [Los Altos]
God Giving 65 66-03-03 66-03-03U.pdf 02-giving.htm ZenMindDraft_To_Give.pdf The precept today is giving, the joy of giving. Everything is something which ... Los Altos box title: The Joy of Giving
Mistakes in Practice 71 67-04-13 67-04-13U.pdf ZenMindDraft_Mistakes_in_Practice.pdf There may be various kinds of practice, or ways of practice, or understanding ... [Los Altos]
Limiting Your Activity 75 65-12-23 65-12-23U.pdf 10-limiting.htm ZenMindDraft_Limiting_Your_Activity.pdf In our practice we have no special object of worship. If so, our practice is ... [Los Altos]
Study Yourself 76 65-09-09 65-09-09U.pdf 12-forgetting-ourselves.htm ZenMindDraft_Study_Yourself.pdf The purpose of studying Buddhism is—is not to—to study Buddhism, but to study ... Los Altos box title: Forgetting Ourselves. Engage Wisdom writes, "Newly imported in 2020 from the original tape reel, this audio recording was previously lost from the archives, with only the 1960’s transcript surviving."
To Polish a Tile 80 67-08-31 67-08-31U.pdf ZenMindDraft_To_Polish_a_Tile.pdf Zen story or Zen koan is very difficult to understand before you understand what ... [Los Altos]
Constancy 83 66-02-17 66-02-17U.pdf 04-constancy.htm ZenMindDraft_Constancy.pdf The message for us for today was ‘cultivate your own spirit’. It says there on ... [Los Altos]
Communication 86 67-02-02 67-02-02U.pdf ZenMindDraft_Communication1.pdf As I cannot speak your language so well that I find some way to communicate with ... [Los Altos]
Negative and Positive 90 67-09-27 67-09-27U.pdf ZenMindDraft_Communication2.pdf The more you understand our thinking, the more you find it difficult to talk ... [Los Altos]
Nirvana, the Waterfall 92 65-08-19 65-08-19U.pdf ZenMindDraft_Life-Death.pdf 65-08-19LE.pdf If you go to Japan and visit Eiheiji monastery -- before you enter the monastery ... Los Altos box title: Water
Traditional Zen Spirit 99 67-01-05 67-01-05U.pdf ZenMindDraft_The_Traditional_Spirit_of_Zen.pdf In our practice the important thing is our physical posture we take, and ... [Los Altos]
Transiency 102 65-09-16 65-09-16U.pdf ZenMindDraft_Transiency.pdf The basic teaching of Buddhism is the teaching of transiency or change. Everything ... Los Altos box title: Change. Changed "transcendence" to "transiency" 8-3-2020, dc.
The Quality of Being 104 66-01-20 66-01-20U.pdf 09-flashing.htm ZenMindDraft_The_Quality_of_Being.pdf The purpose of zazen is to attain the freedom of our being, physically and mentally. ... Los Altos box title: Flashing
Naturalness 107 67-06-01 67-06-01U.pdf ZenMindDraft_Naturalness.pdf There is big misunderstanding about the idea of naturalness. Most people who ... Changed "mu" to "u" as in Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind. (U is being and Mu is non-being) 12-15-2021. [Los Altos]
Emptiness 110 ZenMindDraft_Emptiness1.pdf If you want to understand Buddhism it is necessary for you to forget all about ... From p. 110 of Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind. (Can’t find other version) [Los Altos]
Readiness, Mindfulness 113 ZenMindDraft_Emptiness2.pdf In the Prajna Paramita Sutra the most important point, of course, is the idea ... From p. 113 of Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind. (Can’t find other version) [Los Altos]
Believing in Nothing 116 65-12-30 65-12-30U.pdf 03-nothing.htm ZenMindDraft_Believing_in_Nothing.pdf I found out that it is necessary -- absolutely necessary to believe in nothing. ... Los Altos box title: Nothing
Attachment, Nonattachment 118 66-01-06 66-01-06U.pdf 07-double-moon.htm ZenMindDraft_Non-duality1.pdf Already we feel night become shorter and shorter when I come here. Dogen Zenji ... Los Altos box title: The Double Moon
Calmness 121 65-08-26 65-08-26U.pdf ZenMindDraft_Non-duality2.pdf 65-08-26-LE.htm In Zen poem it says, “after the wind—wind has—after the wind stop, I see the ... Los Altos box title: Treasure of Life. Engage Wisdom writes, "Newly imported in 2020 from the original tape reel, this audio recording was previously lost from the archives, with only the 1960’s transcript surviving."
Experience, Not Philosophy 123 65-10-07 65-10-07U.pdf ZenMindDraft_Experience_not_Philosophy.pdf I am so glad to see you again. For two weeks I studied many things and I found ... Los Altos box title: Zen Experience
Original Buddhism 125 67-04-06 67-04-06U.pdf ZenMindDraft_Original_Buddhism.pdf Zazen is not one of the four activities: to walk, to stand, to sit, to lie down,, ... [Los Altos]
Beyond Consciousness 127 66-12-01 66-11-30U.pdf ZenMindDraft_Beyond_Consciousness.pdf We should establish our practice where there is no practice or no enlightenment. ... [Los Altos]
Buddha's Enlightenment 131 66-12-08 66-12-08U.pdf ZenMindDraft_Buddha_Enlightenment.pdf I am very glad to be here the day Buddha was born -- when Buddha attained enlightenment ... [Los Altos]
Epilogue: Zen Mind 133 69-11-16 This morning, I want to talk about our practice. And here in America, something ... In the Zen Mind chapter of the book some text also came from 65-07-29-A, 65-07-30-B, 67-03-00 and 69-11-22.

Epilogue: Some Personal Reflections 67-03-00 ZenMindDraft_Epilogue.pdf EPILOGUE: I am so glad to see you again. Although I have only been gone two weeks, ... This draft chapter was replaced in the published version. [Probably San Francisco]
Great Prajna Paramita Sutra 65-07-08 65-07-08U.pdf 65-07-08LE.pdf I want to still continue to speak about topsy-turvy views. When your understanding ... [Los Altos]
Great Prajna Paramita Sutra 65-07-15 65-07-15U.pdf 65-07-15LE.pdf This morning I want to explain the attainment -- the attainment here -- it means ... [Los Altos]
“wisdom seeks for wisdom” 65-07-22 65-07-22U.pdf 65-07-22LE.pdf We are studying now the sutra of the sixth patriarch, in the evening lecture, ... Section added 10/22/2021 from SDH transcription. Newly available in 2020 from the original tape reel, this audio recording was previously lost from the archives, with only the 1960’s transcript surviving. [Los Altos]
On the Great Prajna Paramita Sutra 65-08-05 65-08-05U.pdf 65-08-05LE.pdf I want to give the conclusion to this Prajna Paramita Sutra this morning. In ... [Los Altos]
in Buddhism there are many schools 65-10-21 65-10-21U.pdf As you know, in Buddhism there are many schools. But you can classify Buddhism ... [Los Altos]
in Hinayana practice, in the first stage 65-10-28 65-10-28U.pdf In the past, in Hinayana practice in the first stage we still have consistent ... [Los Altos]
The Middle Way 65-12-09 65-12-09U.pdf Here we recite the sutra just once but in Zen Center we recite three times. The ... [Los Altos]
Buddhism is, maybe, rather difficult to understand 66-01-13 66-01-13U.pdf Buddhism is, maybe, rather difficult to understand for you because Buddhism is ... [Los Altos]
one of our scriptures 66-07-00 66-07-00U.pdf In the last paragraph of Ashishogi is one of our scriptures compiled in (blank) ... [Los Altos]
Introduce to you Kobun Chino Sensei 67-06-22-A 67-06-22 AU.pdf I am so grateful to introduce to you Kobun Chino, sensei. He was appointed to ... [Los Altos]
Opposites 67-06-22-B 67-06-22BU.pdf Tonight, perhaps I was supposed to explain the chapter in the Platform Sutra ... [Los Altos]
long time since I saw you all 67-08-00 67-08-00U.pdf It is a pretty long time since I saw you all. But if we sit with you in this ... [Los Altos]
The Gift of Zazen 67-12-14 67-12-14U.pdf It’s been a pretty long time since I saw you. I am still studying hard to find ... [Los Altos]
Four Wives 68-01-18 68-01-18U.pdf In (Agoma?) Sutra there is a funny story. A man who had -- There was a man who ... [Los Altos]

Note: Los Altos Box - original transcriptions found in a box. In the Original Transcript column above.

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