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Note: Rows below without page numbers were other lectures of the period given at Los Altos and used in preparing Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind.
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Beginner's Mind 21 65-11-11 prologue.html 01-beginner's%20Mind.htm ZenMindDraft_Prologue.pdf People say to study Zen is difficult but there is some misunderstanding why it ... was 11-10 but 11-11 = thurs [Los Altos]
Posture 25 65-08-12 ZenMindDraft_Posture.pdf 65-08-12LE.pdf I want to explain about our posture we take. When you sit left foot is on your ... Los Altos box title: Lecture on Posture
Breathing 29 65-11-04 ZenMindDraft_Breathing.pdf When we practice our mind always follow our breathing. When we inhale, the ... Los Altos box title: Swinging Door
Control 31 67-03-23 ZenMindDraft_Control.pdf To live in the realm of Buddha Nature means to die as a small being, moment after ... Changed "his policy is not so easy" to "this policy is not so easy" 10-14-2016, DC. [Los Altos]
Mind Waves 34 67-01-12 ZenMindDraft_Mind_Waves1.pdf Don’t try to stop the thinking when you are practicing zazen. Let it stop. If ... [Los Altos]
Mind Weeds 36 65-11-18 11-self-nourishment.htm ZenMindDraft_Mind_Waves2.pdf When you get up early in the morning by alarm, I think you don’t feel so well. ... Los Altos box title: Self-Nourishment. Was 11-17 but 11-18 = thurs
The Marrow of Zen 38 66-01-26 06-horse-sense.htm ZenMindDraft_Marrow_of_Zen.pdf In our scripture it is said that there are four kinds of horse -- an excellent ... Los Altos box title: Horse Sense
No Dualism 41 67-11-02 ZenMindDraft_No_Dualism.pdf We say our practice without gaining idea, practice without expecting even enlightenment, ... [Los Altos]
Bowing 43 65-12-02 ZenMindDraft_Bowing2.pdf [After demonstration of Buddhist bow] To bow is very important-- one of the ... [Los Altos]
Nothing Special 46 65-10-14 13-nothing-special.htm ZenMindDraft_Nothing_Special.pdf I don’t feel to speak after zazen. I feel the practice of zazen is enough but ... was dated wrong as 16 [14=thurs] [Los Altos]
Single-Minded Way 51 65-12-16 ZenMindDraft_Single-minded_Way.pdf The purpose of my talk is not to give you some intellectual understanding but ... Los Altos box title: Railway Track
Repetition 55 66-02-09 Reptition.html 08-bread.htm ZenMindDraft_Repetition.pdf In India there were many schools. We count major school -- we count six major ... Los Altos box title: Bread
Zen and Excitement 57 66-02-24 05-excitement.htm ZenMindDraft_Zen_and_Excitement.pdf My master passed away when I was thirty three. So after his death I became pretty ... [Los Altos]
Right Effort 59 67-05-18 ZenMindDraft_Right_Effort.pdf The most important point in our practice is to have right effort. The right effort ... [Los Altos]
No Trace 62 66-06-23 ZenMindDraft_No_Trace.pdf When we sit in this way our mind is calm and quite simple. But usually our mind ... [Los Altos]
God Giving 65 66-03-03 02-giving.htm ZenMindDraft_To_Give.pdf The precept today is giving, the joy of giving. Everything is something which ... Los Altos box title: The Joy of Giving
Mistakes in Practice 71 67-04-13 ZenMindDraft_Mistakes_in_Practice.pdf There may be various kinds of practice, or ways of practice, or understanding ... [Los Altos]
Limiting Your Activity 75 65-12-23 10-limiting.htm ZenMindDraft_Limiting_Your_Activity.pdf In our practice we have no special object of worship. If so, our practice is ... [Los Altos]
Study Yourself 76 65-09-09 12-forgetting-ourselves.htm ZenMindDraft_Study_Yourself.pdf The purpose of studying Buddhism is not to study Buddhism but to study ourselves. ... Los Altos box title: Forgetting Ourselves
To Polish a Tile 80 67-08-31 ZenMindDraft_To_Polish_a_Tile.pdf Zen story or Zen koan is very difficult to understand before you understand what ... [Los Altos]
Constancy 83 66-02-17 04-constancy.htm ZenMindDraft_Constancy.pdf The message for us for today was ‘cultivate your own spirit’. It says there on ... [Los Altos]
Communication 86 67-02-02 ZenMindDraft_Communication1.pdf As I cannot speak your language so well that I find some way to communicate with ... [Los Altos]
Negative and Positive 90 67-09-27 ZenMindDraft_Communication2.pdf The more you understand our thinking, the more you find it difficult to talk ... [Los Altos]
Nirvana, the Waterfall 92 65-08-19 ZenMindDraft_Life-Death.pdf 65-08-19LE.pdf If you go to Japan and visit Eiheiji monastery -- before you enter the monastery ... Los Altos box title: Water
Traditional Zen Spirit 99 67-01-05 ZenMindDraft_The_Traditional_Spirit_of_Zen.pdf In our practice the important thing is our physical posture we take, and ... [Los Altos]
Transiency 102 65-09-16 ZenMindDraft_Transiency.pdf The basic teaching of Buddhism is the teaching of transcendence or change. ... Los Altos box title: Change
The Quality of Being 104 66-01-20 09-flashing.htm ZenMindDraft_The_Quality_of_Being.pdf The purpose of zazen is to attain the freedom of our being, physically and mentally. ... Los Altos box title: Flashing
Naturalness 107 67-06-01 ZenMindDraft_Naturalness.pdf There is big misunderstanding about the idea of naturalness. Most people who ... [Los Altos]
Emptiness 110 ZenMindDraft_Emptiness1.pdf If you want to understand Buddhism it is necessary for you to forget all about ... From p. 110 of Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind. (Can’t find other version) [Los Altos]
Readiness, Mindfulness 113 ZenMindDraft_Emptiness2.pdf In the Prajna Paramita Sutra the most important point, of course, is the idea ... From p. 113 of Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind. (Can’t find other version) [Los Altos]
Believing in Nothing 116 65-12-30 03-nothing.htm ZenMindDraft_Believing_in_Nothing.pdf I found out that it is necessary -- absolutely necessary to believe in nothing. ... Los Altos box title: Nothing
Attachment, Nonattachment 118 66-01-06 07-double-moon.htm ZenMindDraft_Non-duality1.pdf Already we feel night become shorter and shorter when I come here. Dogen Zenji ... Los Altos box title: The Double Moon
Calmness 121 65-08-26 ZenMindDraft_Non-duality2.pdf In Zen poem says, ‘after the wind stop I see the flower falling -- I see a flower ... Los Altos box title: Treasure of Life
Experience, Not Philosophy 123 65-10-07 ZenMindDraft_Experience_not_Philosophy.pdf I am so glad to see you again. For two weeks I studied many things and I found ... Los Altos box title: Zen Experience
Original Buddhism 125 67-04-06 ZenMindDraft_Original_Buddhism.pdf Zazen is not one of the four activities: to walk, to stand, to sit, to lie down,, ... [Los Altos]
Beyond Consciousness 127 66-12-01 ZenMindDraft_Beyond_Consciousness.pdf We should establish our practice where there is no practice or no enlightenment. ... [Los Altos]
Buddha's Enlightenment 131 66-12-08 ZenMindDraft_Buddha_Enlightenment.pdf I am very glad to be here the day Buddha was born -- when Buddha attained enlightenment ... [Los Altos]
Epilogue: Zen Mind 133 69-11-16 This morning, I want to talk about our practice. And here in America, something ... In the Zen Mind chapter of the book some text also came from 65-07-29-A, 65-07-30-B, 67-03-00 and 69-11-22.

Epilogue: Some Personal Reflections 67-03-00 ZenMindDraft_Epilogue.pdf EPILOGUE: I am so glad to see you again. Although I have only been gone two weeks, ... This draft chapter was replaced in the published version. [Probably San Francisco]
Great Prajna Paramita Sutra 65-07-08 65-07-08LE.pdf I want to still continue to speak about topsy-turvy views. When your understanding ... [Los Altos]
Great Prajna Paramita Sutra 65-07-15 65-07-15LE.pdf This morning I want to explain the attainment -- the attainment here -- it means ... [Los Altos]
“wisdom seeks for wisdom” 65-07-22 65-07-22LE.pdf We are studying now the sutra of the sixth patriarch, in the evening lecture, ... [Los Altos]
On the Great Prajna Paramita Sutra 65-08-05 65-08-05LE.pdf I want to give the conclusion to this Prajna Paramita Sutra this morning. In ... [Los Altos]
in Buddhism there are many schools 65-10-21 As you know, in Buddhism there are many schools. But you can classify Buddhism ... [Los Altos]
in Hinayana practice, in the first stage 65-10-28 In the past, in Hinayana practice in the first stage we still have consistent ... [Los Altos]
The Middle Way 65-12-09 Here we recite the sutra just once but in Zen Center we recite three times. The ... [Los Altos]
Buddhism is, maybe, rather difficult to understand 66-01-13 Buddhism is, maybe, rather difficult to understand for you because Buddhism is ... [Los Altos]
one of our scriptures 66-07-00 66-07-00U.pdf In the last paragraph of Ashishogi is one of our scriptures compiled in (blank) ... [Los Altos]
Introduce to you Kobun Chino Sensei 67-06-22-A I am so grateful to introduce to you Kobun Chino, sensei. He was appointed to ... [Los Altos]
Opposites 67-06-22-B Tonight, perhaps I was supposed to explain the chapter in the Platform Sutra ... [Los Altos]
long time since I saw you all 67-08-00 It is a pretty long time since I saw you all. But if we sit with you in this ... [Los Altos]
The Gift of Zazen 67-12-14 It’s been a pretty long time since I saw you. I am still studying hard to find ... [Los Altos]
Four Wives 68-01-18 In (Agoma?) Sutra there is a funny story. A man who had -- There was a man who ... [Los Altos]

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