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Great Prajna Paramita Sutra 65-07-08 65-07-08LE.pdf I want to still continue to speak about topsy-turvy views. When your understanding ... [Los Altos]
Great Prajna Paramita Sutra 65-07-15 65-07-15LE.pdf This morning I want to explain the attainment -- the attainment here -- it means ... [Los Altos]
“wisdom seeks for wisdom” 65-07-22 65-07-22-LE.htm We are studying now the sutra of the sixth patriarch, in the evening lecture, ... Section added 10/22/2021 from SDH transcription. Newly available in 2020 from the original tape reel, this audio recording was previously lost from the archives, with only the 1960’s transcript surviving. [Los Altos]
why we should practice zazen 65-07-26-A 65-07-26-A-LE.htm A talk is always-- the conclusion of my talk is always why we should practice ... audio file is ABC
religious problems concerning such as psychology or LSD 65-07-26-D 65-07-26-D-LE.pdf Recently I find many problems concerning to religious problem, such as psychology ... Q & A after lecture. Footnotes replaced 8-3-2020.
forgotten the value of religion 65-07-27-A 65-07-27-A-LE.htm [This top section was added 10/22/2021.] In Soto School, most of Zen masters ... Section added 10/22/2021 from SDH transcription. traffic
In our way of Zen, we emphasize the way-seeking mind 65-07-27-B 65-07-27-B-LE.htm In our way of Zen, we emphasize the way-seeking mind-- way-seeking mind. This ... traffic. Q & A after lecture.
If you understand bodhisattva-mind in dualistic way 65-07-28-C 65-07-28-C-LE.htm Bodhisattva-mind, which is rather dualistic, but if you understand bodhisattva-mind ... traffic. Q & A after lecture.
questions 65-07-28-D 65-07-28-D-LE.htm SR: I cannot think of anything to talk [about] for this evening. So if you have ... Footnotes restored 8/4/2020. Changed "SR:-- or going out" to "Student D..." 4-9-2021, pf.
Purpose of practice is to have direct experience of buddha 65-07-29-A 65-07-29-A-LE.htm SR: Purpose of practice is to have direct experience of buddha-nature. That ... traffic. Q & A after lecture.
questions 65-07-29-B 65-07-29-B-LE.htm [Are there any]1 questions so far I talked? Student A: Why-- ... Footnotes restored 8/4/2020.
some more questions 65-07-29-C 65-07-29-C-LE.htm SR: Do you have some question-- some more question? Student A: Roshi, would ... traffic. Footnotes restored 8/4/2020.
science or philosophy is like a dissection 65-07-30-B 65-07-30-B-LE.htm [Tape operator: The sentence about "your mind"1 was in the meditation ... see above. Footnotes restored 8-4-2020. Changed "not big" to "not dead"; "[4-5 words]" to "vivisect--vivisectors" 4/27/2021 pf.
If you have a question 65-07-30-C 65-07-30-C-LE.pdf SR: If you have a question, please give me. I want to answer about what I told ... traffic. Footnotes restored 8-4-2020.
Do you have some questions? 65-07-30-D 65-07-30-D-LE.htm SR: Do you have some question? Student A: Sensei, D. T. Suzuki wrote that ... traffic. Footnotes restored 8-4-2020. Changed "much be" to "must be" 4/29/2021 pf.
On the Great Prajna Paramita Sutra 65-08-05 65-08-05LE.pdf I want to give the conclusion to this Prajna Paramita Sutra this morning. In ... [Los Altos]
Posture 65-08-12 65-08-12LE.pdf I want to explain about our posture we take. When you sit left foot is on your ... Los Altos box title: Lecture on Posture
Nirvana, the Waterfall 65-08-19 65-08-19LE.pdf If you go to Japan and visit Eiheiji monastery -- before you enter the monastery ... Los Altos box title: Water
Calmness 65-08-26 65-08-26-LE.htm In Zen poem it says, “after the wind—wind has—after the wind stop, I see the ... Los Altos box title: Treasure of Life. Engage Wisdom writes, "Newly imported in 2020 from the original tape reel, this audio recording was previously lost from the archives, with only the 1960’s transcript surviving."
Confucius said the most visible is something invisible 65-08-28-A 65-08-28-LE.pdf Tape operator: This is the beginning of the-- it will be that we missed this ... traffic. Q & A after lecture.
I have nothing in my mind 65-08-28-B 65-08-28-B-LE.htm [Tape operator (Richard Baker): This is the end of the one o'clock lecture. ... traffic. Footnotes restored 8-4-2020.
Shushogi, Sections 11–17 66-01-21-A 66-01-21-A-LE.pdf The next chapter1 which we will learn is about precepts. And this ... Changed "or [1 word] precepts" to "or Dogen's precepts"; "[film] negative is" to "a movie, it's"; "his life will" to "his wife will"; "become between" to "come between"; "Let alone [?]" to "Let alone policy" 8/25/2020 pf.
To Study The Self 66-02-19-A 66-02-19-A-LE.htm SR: Once a candle start to burn it will continue to burn on altar[?]—but when ... Date is approximate. This audio was separated from 66-02-19 at the tape operator's announcement. Audio quality is poor, so this is a rough verbatim transcript.
Shushogi, Section 1 66-03-13-B 66-03-13-B-LE.pdf We started to recite Lotus Sutra-- Shushogi. Shushogi is the-- consist of various ... tape fixed, chant, commnt added-4-14-10-start was in mid. Footnotes restored 8/16/2020. Change "should work on" to "should welcome"; "pet of" to "pet dogs"
Genjo Koan, 5-13 66-05-26 66-05-26-LE.pdf Firewood turns into ash, and it does not turn into firewood again. But do not ... Footnotes restored 8/17/2020.
Genjo Koan: Paragraphs 1–11 66-06-19-A 66-06-19-A-LE.pdf SR: Someone has my-- my paper.1 Student: [4-6 words unclear.] ... traffic-informal talking at first - class?. Q & A after lecture. changed "may be not," to "may be enough." 8-28-2020 pf. Changed "[1 word] great mind" to "vast great mind" 8-29-2020 dc.
Genjo Koan: Paragraphs 7-9 66-06-19-B 66-06-19-B-LE.pdf [Now it is specifically taught in Buddhism that life does not become death.] ... Changed "six minutes" to "six minutes [seconds]"; "not be [1 word]" to "not be glad" 9/8/2020 pf.
ten precepts 66-06-19-C 66-06-19-C-LE.pdf Last time I explained the ten prohibitory precepts: Do not kill. Do not ... little low. Footnotes restored 8/17/2020. Changed "And whether" to "And further" 9-9-2020 pf.
Although We Have Nothing, We Can Help Others By Offering Things 66-07-07 66-07-07-LE.htm “To benefit of -- to benefit others we have four types of wisdom: charity, tenderness, ...
The second paragraph of the Genjo Koan 66-08-15-A 66-08-15-A-LE.pdf The second paragraph [of the Genjo Koan]: That we move ourselves and understand ... Footnotes restored 8/17/2020.
you cannot appreciate our teaching in its true sense 66-08-15-B 66-08-15-B-LE.pdf [2-3 words] those who cannot appreciate the-- the food we are serving [?] to ...
think everything out 66-08-15-C 66-08-15-C-LE.pdf [It is necessary] for us to think everything out, or else we-- we find it pretty ... bc one file, with above. Footnotes restored 8/17/2020.
The first day of the sesshin is almost finished 66-08-15-D 66-08-15-D-LE.pdf The first day of the sesshin is almost finished. In the first day, I wanted you ... Footnotes restored 9/10/2020.
Our mind should be calm 66-08-16 66-08-16-LE.pdf Zazen doesn't follow [1-3 words unclear]. Our mind should-- should not be ...
This is the fourth day of our sesshin 66-08-18-A 66-08-18-A-LE.pdf Tape operator: As I've said already, this machine has an idiosyncratic quality ... [Lecture reconstructed by tape operator.] Footnotes restored 8/2/2020.
Shobogenzo 66-08-18-B 66-08-18-B-LE.pdf Before translating original text,1 I want to make sure the understanding ... with above
Shobogenzo 66-08-19-A 66-08-19-A-LE.pdf I think you must have tired out [laughing], but not yet. I know you are not tired ... 1&2- A2 has sep brief sr comment at end. Footnotes added 8-1-2020.
Don't be attached to your attainment 66-08-19-B 66-08-19-B-LE.pdf Don't be attached to your attainment as a result of-- as a result of past effort. ...
This fascicle of [Shobogenzo] 66-08-19-C 66-08-19-C-LE.pdf This-- this fascicle of [Shobogenzo] “Sokushin Zebutsu,” “Mind Itself Is Buddha”-- ... slow. Footnotes restored 8/2/2020.
In the first instruction of ten instructions in Gakudo-yojin-shu 66-12-17-A 66-12-17-A-LE.pdf In the first instruction of ten instructions in Gakudo-yojin-shu,1 ...
The Need for Training in Buddhism without Self-Seeking Mind 66-12-17-B 66-12-17-B-LE.pdf In Buddhist training we always received the true Key handed down by our predecessors. ...
you must give up worldly desires 67-04-22-A 67-04-22-A-LE.pdf 1 -- students. I want to give some important points. First of all, ... Footnotes restored 9/10/2020. Changed "by the mirror" to "as a mirror" 9-21-2020 pf.
This sesshin was wonderfully done 67-04-22-B 67-04-22-B-LE.pdf 2 -- you have many things to do for yourself and for Zen Center. You-- ... Footnotes and [Aside in Japanese ...] restored 9/10/2020.
Genjo Koan No. 2 [1?] 67-08-21 67-08-21-LE.htm Every day we work to support our activity. There will be a slight difference ... Suzuki is commenting on paragraphs 6 and 9–11 of Genjō-kōan.
Genjo Koan No. 4 67-08-24-A 67-08-24-A-LE.htm … She was a part of the world, and whatever she said from top of the mountain, ... Edited by Brian Fikes
To Polish A Tile Is Our Practice Actually 67-08-24-D 67-08-24-D-LE.htm This morning we understood how important it is to practice Zen; to understand our ... 2021 newly discovered tape.
Zen is also Buddhism 67-09-00A 67-09-00A-LE.htm Student: Please come up front if you'd like. SR: Yeah, please come nearer. ... cut few words at first adjust mic - 1 mn ?. Q & A after lecture.
Ignorance 67-09-08-C 67-09-08-C-LE.htm ...a question. So, this is a very difficult question because this question covers ... Audio of this lecture came from Q & A after lecture.
if our teaching is a special teaching 67-10-00 67-10-00-LE.htm Someone asked me this evening, and that—if our teaching is special teaching which ... muffled
KPFA Radio Interview with Elsa Knight Thompson 67-11-06-I 67-11-06-I-LE.htm Elsa Knight Thompson:1 -- by telling us something more about our ... Footnotes restored 9/10/2020.
Think the Unthinkable 67-12-04-A 67-12-04-A-LE.htm To talk about merit of Zen for beginners is like to count other’s treasure. So ... 2021 newly discovered tape. Afternoon Tassajara sesshin lecture. Changed "fast" to "fact" (multiple times) 12-28-2021, DC.
The more … we study our way, the more it is difficult to explain it. 67-12-04-B 67-12-04-B-LE.htm Our study-- the more you-- we study our way, the more it is difficult to explain ... creek [audio was no letter-04 ?? Footnotes restored 9/12/2020. Change "know this" to "nowadays" 10-11-2020 pf.
good and bad feeling 67-12-05-A 67-12-05-A-LE.htm In previous lecture, I compared zazen practice and usual everyday activity. In ... creek. Footnotes restored 9/10/2020.
nature of our practice 67-12-05-B 67-12-05-B-LE.htm As the nature of our practice is, like I told you over and over, and the point ... Footnotes restored 9/12/2020.
The mind which [we] will acquire 67-12-06-A 67-12-06-A-LE.htm The mind which [we] will acquire or obtain by our pure practice is, as I said, ... creek. Footnotes restored 10/2/2020.
everything itself is buddha 67-12-06-B 67-12-06-B-LE.htm We say everything has buddha-nature, so we have to treat as a buddha. To say ... voice lowers at end
Shosan Ceremony at Tassajara 67-12-07 67-12-07-LE.htm Buddha-- although Buddha started teaching at Varanasi,1 but actually ... creek shosan. Footnotes restored 10/2/2020.
become more honest and direct 68-00-00-B 68-00-00-B-LE.htm SR: Once more, I think, I—I hope people will become honest and more direct, you ... spedup a bit (Sound problem.)] Q & A after lecture. Changed "ichi" to "ishi", "fumioro" to "fumioru", "Ko suzume" to "Kosuzume", "fundeitta" to "fundeita"- thanks Fred and Takayo Harriman.
Meal Chant 68-01-11B 68-01-11B-LE.htm I already explained about Maitreya Buddha when I explained about the three period-- ... see above, spedup a bit at B2- 57:15. Q & A after lecture. Student A's question and part of Suzuki's response are not on the now available audio.
Samantabhadra Buddha 68-01-12 68-01-12-LE.htm We are still studying about Samantabhadra Buddha. This buddha is told in Saddharma-- ... frgmnt to :50 slowed downat1st spedat:43. Q & A after lecture. Footnotes restored 10/12/2020.
Lotus Sūtra No. I-1 68-02-00-A 68-02-00A-F-bf.pdf During Sesshin the Lotus Sutra will not be appropriate for the lecture, but I ... sped a little?
Lotus Sūtra No. I-2 68-02-00-B 68-02-00A-F-bf.pdf A ray issued from Buddha's forehead between eyebrow. Everyone could see many ... sped up at end - join 1n2 for t-B not like A.
Lotus Sūtra No. I-3 68-02-00-C 68-02-00A-F-bf.pdf Maitreya asked Manjusri what is going to happen, and Maitreya—Manjusri started ...
Lotus Sūtra No. I-4 68-02-00-D 68-02-00A-F-bf.pdf "Now, young men of good family, long before the time of Tathagata Kandrasuryapradipa, ...
Lotus Sūtra No. I-5 68-02-00-E 68-02-00A-F-bf.pdf Manjusri again is answering Maitreya, telling him what he has seen. He is so ...
Lotus Sūtra No. I-6 68-02-00-F 68-02-00A-F-bf.pdf "The monks and nuns at the time being, who strove after supreme, highest enlightenment, ... level problems with some of these 00s. DC added last section to transcript, starting at "Bill Shurtleff" 10-31-2015. Q & A after lecture.
Because I was not well 68-04-23-A 68-04-23-A-LE.htm Because I was not well [?], I am sorry I couldn't join your practice so much. ... for A and B. Q & A after lecture. Footnotes restored 10/12/2020. Changed "steam" to "stream", "sprit" to "spirit" 11/9/2020 pf.
Esalen Institute: First of two lectures 68-06-28 68-06-28-LE.htm I find it's difficult to keep contact with you when I--whenever we talks--I talk, ... Q & A after lecture. Changed "For we" to "So we", "about life" to "of our life", "this continuity" to "discontinuity", add quotes "Oh, it's okay" "Oh, that is true, that is okay", "saw it as" to "sword has", "soft, soft" to "soft, so" 5-21-2021 pf.
What is Soto and what is Rinzai? 68-07-21 68-07-21-LE.htm 1-- I don't think [laughs] we can reach conclusion. I was asked ... 2nd half prt 1 louder. Q & A after lecture. Footnotes restored 10/13/2020. Changed date given, sdh.
Bring Me The Rhinoceros Fan 68-07-22 68-07-22-LE.htm The people say, Zen is, you know, is very difficult to understand. Yes, it is ... Changed "separate" to "satisfactory"; "true zazen" to "true dragon"; "He did say" to "He didn't say"; "Is there difficulty?" to "Easy decision."; "difficult word" to "difficult to win"; "appointed" to "who is"; "hit it" to "hit you" 4/4/2022 pf.
bodhisattva's ten powers 68-08-25 68-08-25-LE.htm This morning I want to continue the explanation of the ten powers. This-- those ... [Verbatim transcript partially done. (Sound problem.)] Footnotes restored 10/13/2020.
Lotus Sutra, Lecture No. II-3 68-10-00-B 68-10-00-B-LE.htm I already explained nature of Nirmanakaya Buddha and Sambhogakaya Buddha. The ... Q & A after lecture.
Lotus Sutra, Lecture No. II-4 68-10-00-C 68-10-00-C-LE.htm The point—point of my previous lecture is—because it may be difficult for you ... Q & A after lecture.
Lotus Sutra, Lecture No. II-5 68-10-00-D 68-10-00-D-LE.htm What is told in this sutra is view of the Dharmakaya world, view of the world ... Q & A after lecture.
Lotus Sutra, Lecture No. II-6 68-10-00-E 68-10-00-E-LE.htm The other day someone asked me back about Vairocana Buddha. Vairocana Buddha ...
Lotus Sutra, Lecture No. II-7 68-10-00-F 68-10-00-F-LE.htm Yesterday I told you about Ajnata-Kaundinya [repeats different pronunciations], ... little higher voice. Q & A after lecture.
Lotus Sutra, Lecture No. II-8 68-10-00-G 68-10-00-G-LE.htm Buddha's disciples were very good people, generous and honest and sincere, but ... Q & A after lecture.
Lotus Sutra, Lecture No. II-12 68-10-00-K sr-lotus-sutra-12-1968.pdf Lotus Sutra, Lecture No. 12 Shunryu Suzuki Lecture October 1968 [?Transcript ... speed and level towrd end - ty at 51:00?
at the end of the year we clean up our house 68-12-29 68-12-29-LE.htm Next Tuesday we will have no lecture, so this will be--this lecture will be ... [Verbatim transcript not available. (Sound problem.)] Made verbatim 1/2022.
Sun-Faced Buddha, Moon-Faced Buddha 69-03-09 69-03-09LE.pdf I am glad to see you from here [laughs]. My organ [?] may not be so good yet, ...
Nansen's “Everyday Mind Is Dao” 69-03-10 69-03-10-LE.htm -- it was very, very cold. It was November? I don't remember exactly. November ... kat and suzuki - fragment w/ps int end cut for trim. Footnotes restored 11/13/2020. Changed "but I meant" to "what I meant" 6-29-2024, pf.
Find Out for Yourself 69-03-15 69-03-15LE.pdf In your zazen, perhaps you will have many difficulties or problems. But when ... Q & A after lecture.
Ordinary Mind, Buddha Mind 69-03-30 69-03-30LE.pdf [The point of] -- my talk is just to give you some help in your practice. So ...
Jumping Off the 100-Foot Pole 69-04-20 69-04-20LE.pdf It's-- it is pretty difficult, but I will try-- try to speak about purpose of ...
how to take our bodhisattva's vow 69-04-29 69-04-29-LE.htm This morning I want to-- to explain how to take our bodhisattva's vow. We say ... Audio. Footnotes restored 11/13/2020. Changed "I try" to "I will try" 12/7/2020 pf.
Direct Experience of Reality 69-06-22 69-06-22LE.pdf Dogen Zenji says: “Everything is encourages us to attain enlightenment. Mountains ...
Rinzai Zen and Soto Zen 69-07-00 69-07-00-LE.htm In-- in America, between Rinzai Zen and Soto Zen there-- there must be some clear ... Footnotes restored 11/13/2020.
FORM AND EMPTINESS II 69-07-09 69-07-09-LE.htm In our previous lectures we have studied the relationship between-- relationship ... creek. Q & A after lecture. Footnotes restored 11/13/2020.
Enjoy Your Life 69-07-20 69-07-20LE.pdf If you go to some library you will see many books. And those-- in those books, ... loud
That is the purpose of counting 69-07-28 69-07-28-LE.htm 1 -- mind. That is the purpose of counting. Not just count, you know. Student ... loud crickets. Footnotes restored 11/14/2020.
the most important precept 69-08-01 69-08-01-LE.htm As a Buddhist, of course, the most important precept is to-- to believe in Buddha ... loud creek. Footnotes restored 11/14/2020. Changed "[tape defective and unclear for 8-12 words]" to "the statement, "everything changes," just to ignore old way of life" 12-29-2020 pf.
The first teaching 69-08-02 69-08-02-LE.htm I'm afraid I will-- I am making you hotter [laughs] because I cough and my lecture ... voice goes low crickets. Added "(a)—(b)—(c):" and footnotes restored 11/14/2020. Changed "should ignore" to "should not ignore", "electric bombs" to "electric bulbs" 1-1-2021 pf.
We practice zazen so that we attain selflessness 69-08-03 69-08-03-LE.htm As most of you know, this is Yoshimura Ryogen Sensei.1 Ryogen Yoshimura ... crickets. Footnotes restored 11/14/2020. Changed "the water too" to "that water too"; "helping you." to "helping." 1-4-2021 pf.
Not Always So 69-08-07 69-08-07LE.pdf [In] Buddhist scripture, you know, there is a famous story. Water is same, but-- ... loud
some questions 69-08-12 69-08-12-LE.htm [I did not]1 prepare for tonight lecture anything. So I want you to ... slipping tape on 2. Footnotes restored 12/23/2020. Change "another words" to "other words" 1-8-2021 pf. Changed "soup and the fish" to "soup of the fish" 1-31-2021 pf.
our way to attain liberation 69-08-18 69-08-18-LE.htm SR: Tonight I want to discuss about our way to attain liberation or enlightenment. ... crickets. Q & A after lecture. Changed "Joint" to "Jinshu" 12-23-2020 pf. Footnotes restored 12/23/2020. Change "thought" to "sword"; "sounds like 'weapon'" to "weapon"; "know whose" to "knows whose" 1-15-2021 pf.
some questions 69-08-21 69-08-21-LE.pdf SR: If you want, please come here. I am sorry I haven't prepare anything ... crickets flange trim more? Changed "disorder" to "this order", "can accept [expect?]. That" to "can, except that" 8/20/2020 pf.
twelve links of causation 69-08-23 69-08-23-LE.pdf Let's continue to study about twelve links of causation. Causation of-- one understanding ... crickets. Q & A after lecture. Footnotes restored 8/22/2020. Changed "three words: to follow [?] way" to "three worlds, two-fold way" 8/24/2020 pf.
question and answer 69-08-25 69-08-25-LE.pdf Tonight, maybe, we will have question and answer. As usual, will you give me ... 1 n 2 dif lect 2 is 1? Chants at frst n end creek and crickets. Footnotes restored 8/23/2020. Changed "don't why" to "don't know why"; "solve the trouble" to "solve the problem"; "more [1 word]" to "more easier" 8/31/2020 pf.
Wherever You Are, Enlightenment Is There 69-09-00-A 69-09-00-ALE.pdf In our practice, the most important thing [is] to-- to know-- to know. “To know” ... speedsup
Stand Up by the Ground 69-09-00-B 69-09-00-BLE.pdf We have been talking about-- discuss-- discussing about reality, actually, and ... speedsup. Q & A after lecture.
Sesshin, Shosan Ceremony 69-09-00-E 69-09-00-E-LE.htm SR: -- it will be the foundation of the everyday activity. That is real [1 ... Added "stop violence"; change "eat" to "do it", "you can [1-2 words]" to "you can get by thus [?]" 1-22-2021 pf.
Pure Silk, Sharp Iron 69-09-14 69-09-14LE.pdf Sunday school-- a Sunday-school girl saw me in sitting, and she said: “I can ...
new students questions 69-10-14 69-10-14-LE.htm SR: Since I resigned from Sokoji Temple, I-- my mind become more busy than before. ... Footnotes restored 12/23/2020.
fragment of Q & A 69-10-14-X 69-10-14-X-LE.htm Dogen Zenji said, all the various kinds of power is—comes from our practice, you ... A fragment of about 2 minutes found after chanting on tape for 69-10-14. Not clear if it's a continuation on same day. Verbatim version, 7-16-2022 by Peter Ford and Shundo David Haye based on audio on Engage Wisdom.
Lotus Sutra, Lecture No. III-1 69-10-20 69-10-20-LE.html As many of you are the students who joined our training-- this training period, ... spedup toward end. Q & A after lecture. Changed "repeats come" to "repeats some" 9-29-2020 pf.
Lotus Sutra, Lecture No. III-2 69-10-23 69-10-23-LE.html -- out things difficult to understand. The mystery of Tathagata is difficult ... sped up. Change "but in Hinayana" to "but in Mahayana"; "of if" to "or if" 10-3-2020 pf.
Lotus Sutra, Lecture No. III-4 69-10-25 69-10-25-LE.htm Last night1 I explained the most important part of this chapter [II], ... sped up. Q & A after lecture. Footnotes restored 11/20/2020.
Lotus Sutra, Lecture No. III-5 69-10-28 69-10-28-LE.htm I think there must be many things to prepare before you understand-- before you ... Multiple attempts to improve sound quality, but still very unclear towards end of audio. Q & A after lecture. Footnotes restored 11/22/2020. New transcription of last section, 6/2021 pf.
Lotus Sutra, Lecture No. III-6 69-10-30 69-10-30-LE.pdf The print-- print you have got there is trans- -- mostly translated from Kumarajiva's ... extreme spedup. Q & A after lecture.
Lotus Sutra, Lecture No. III-7 69-11-07 69-11-07-LE.pdf In this sutra in Chapter II, “Skillful Means,” he-- he is correcting our misunderstanding ... loud. Q & A after lecture. Footnotes restored 8/7/2020.
Miss Ransom was teacher of conversation 69-11-09 69-11-09-LE.htm Peter Schneider: I would like to ask Roshi a question for the Wind Bell that ... trim. Q & A after lecture. Footnotes restored 12/23/2020.
some questions 69-11-11 69-11-11-LE.htm SR: If you-- if you have some question, I am happy to answer for the question. ... Footnotes restored 12/24/2020. Change "sew" to "sow"; "will run" to "will learn" 2-7-2021 pf.
form is emptiness, and emptiness is form 69-11-13 69-11-13-LE.htm Tonight I am supposed to explain “form is emptiness, and emptiness is form.” ... Q & A after lecture. Footnotes restored 12/24/2020. Change "one [?]" to "one [wander?]" 2-16-2021.
pinch hitter 69-11-25 69-11-25-LE.htm SR: I am very happy to be with you. I am rather tired, and pinch hitter1 ... seems mostly Kat
Winter Sesshin Lecture No. 6 69-12-04 69-12-04-LE.htm Our sesshin is already nearing to the end. As I said before, this sesshin will ... little sped? Footnotes restored 12/24/2020. Changed "hyakujiko" to "hyakujitsuko" 2-19-2021 pf.
Respect for Things 70-01-04 70-01-04le.pdf In our zazen practice, we stop our thinking and we must be free from our emotional ...
Ordination Ceremony: Bill Kwong and Silas Hoadley 70-01-11 70-01-11-LE.htm We have ordination ceremony for Bill Kwong and Silas Hoadley after this lecture-- ... A B on files - 1 2? Wind?
Rules 70-01-18 70-01-18-LE.htm In Japan now it is a season of typhoon. And recently, on the 16th, a typhoon ... Footnotes restored 1/11/2021.
(fragment) 70-01-18-X 70-01-18-X-LE.htm Dogen Zenji said, although we are now student and teacher, teacher and student--this ... Fragment after chanting on tape for 70-01-18.
Caring for the Soil 70-01-25 70-01-25LE.pdf The difference between so-called-it Theravada Buddhism and Sarvastivadian or ...
Brown Rice is just Right 70-02-01-A 70-02-01-ALE.pdf How do you-- how do you like zazen? [Laughs, laughter.] And maybe-- maybe better ... mic sound.
each one of us is a cook 70-02-01-B 70-02-01-B-LE.htm Sesshin is almost-- sesshin has almost completed. In this sesshin, we have learned ... bit of ms. Footnotes restored 1/11/2021.
“an unsurpassed, penetrating Buddha” 70-02-08 70-02-08-LE.htm Each time we-- we start lecture, we recite “an unsurpassed, penetrating Buddha,” ... Footnote restored 1/11/2021.
Letters From Emptiness 70-03-08 70-03-08LE.pdf [Recently my thought is concentrated on the idea of emptiness.]1 Whatever ...
Our Everyday Life Is Like A Movie 70-03-15 70-03-15LE.pdf I think most of you are rather curious about what is Zen. But Zen is actually ...
The Zen of Going to the Rest Room 70-03-29 70-03-29LE.pdf How do you feel now? [Laughs.] Excuse me. I thought of funny thing right now ... loud
Remarks at the Ceremony Officially Opening Beginner's Mind Temple 70-04-25 70-04-25-LE.htm Suzuki (speaking formally): On this day of the opening of Mahabodhisattva Zendo ... from A n B ? See below. 2 footnotes added 1/11/2021.
Sincere Practice 70-04-28 70-04-28LE.pdf Since Tatsugami Roshi came, you must have heard Dogen Zenji's name so many times. ...
we try to control or restrict our activity 70-05-05 70-05-05-LE.htm Once a time of one thousand or two thousand is not so long time in comparison ... Footnote restored 1/12/2021. Changed "Very strong:" to "Based on" 3-1-2021 pf.
Zen Center and City Practice 70-05-10 70-05-10LE.pdf This morning I want to reflect on our long, long practice, which we started maybe ... creek?
Things-As-It-Is 70-05-27 Sandokai1.pdf I am so grateful to have chance to discuss about or to talk about Sandokai. This ... reb intro says may25. Q & A after lecture.
Warm Hand to Warm Hand 70-05-30 Sandokai2.pdf Line 2 was handed down closely from west to east. Line 3 People may ... Q & A after lecture.
Buddha Is Always Here 70-06-01 Sandokai3.pdf Line 5 The true source is pure and stainless. Line 6 The branch ...
The Blue Jay Will Come Right into Your Heart 70-06-03 Sandokai4.pdf Line 9 The five sense gates and the five sense objects Line 10 ... Q & A after lecture.
We Are Just a Tiny Speck of Big Being 70-06-06 Sandokai5.pdf Purpose of study of Buddhism is to have perfect understanding of things, and ... Lecture to Professor Weller's Visiting Class with chants at end. Q & A after lecture.
Today We May Be Very Happy 70-06-10 Sandokai6.pdf Things have various natures, various forms. There is good and bad, taste, sound, ... Q & A after lecture.
The Boat Is Always Moving 70-06-13 Sandokai7.pdf Line 17 The four elements resume their nature Line 18 as a child ... Q & A after lecture.
Without Any Idea of Attainment 70-06-17 Sandokai8.pdf Line 21 For eyes there is color and form, for ears there is sound, Line ... Q & A after lecture.
Within Light There Is Utter Darkness 70-06-20 Sandokai9.pdf Sandokai Lecture IX Saturday, June 20, 1970 Tassajara [The following lines ... Q & A after lecture.
The Willow Tree Cannot Be Broken 70-06-25 Sandokai10.pdf Darkness and brightness stand with each other like when one foot is forward ... Q & A after lecture.
Suffering Is a Valuable Thing 70-06-27 Sandokai11.pdf Line 33 Everything––all beings––have their own virtue. Line 34 You should ...
We Should Not Stick to Words or Rules Too Much 70-07-04 Sandokai12.pdf If you listen to the words, you should understand the source of the teaching. ... Wind Bell title: "It Is Not Always So" Sandokai Lecture No. 12
Do Not Pass Your Days and Nights in Vain 70-07-06 Sandokai13.pdf The goal is neither far nor near. If you stick to the idea of good or bad, you ... Q & A after lecture. Changed "Student A" to "Craig (Boyan)" 10-13-2022.
Supported from Within 70-07-12 70-07-12LE.pdf Dedication for the Morning Service Arhat's Sutra Line 1. May Buddha observe ...
Open Your Intuition 70-07-31 70-07-31LE.pdf -- [laughter]. What he-- she meant is if you stand up, you know, with painful ... little sped up-DW. Q & A after lecture.
Walk like an Elephant and Sitting like a Frog, p. 151 70-08-02 70-08-02LE.pdf In Japan, a terrible fire broke out, and some hotel was burned down, and many ... 1 change at 29:55
zazen practice and to listen to right teacher 70-08-03 70-08-03-LE.htm In our practice two important practice is zazen practice and to listen to your ... Changed quotation to include 2 sentences instead of 1 “Sentient them?” 7/9/2022 DC.
our practice is expression of our true buddha-mind 70-08-04 70-08-04-LE.htm In-- in everyday life, to observe precepts and, in our practice, to continue ... Q & A after lecture. Footnotes restored 1/12/2021.
Priest Ordination Ceremony: Paul Discoe and Reb Anderson 70-08-09 70-08-09-LE.htm Suzuki (speaking formally):1 -- Paul Discoe and [1 word unclear] ... Footnotes restored 1/12/2021.
restore the Buddhist teaching in its original way 70-08-16-A 70-08-16-A-LE.htm -- restore the Buddhist teaching in its original way. So that you don't ...
when someone receives transmission 70-08-25-A 70-08-25-A-LE.htm As some of-- some of you may know, tomorrow I am leaving San Francisco for-- ... Footnotes restored 2/14/2021.
Teisho (Introduced by Jakusho Kwong) 70-12-23 70-12-23-LE.htm Zazen-- zazen practice, for us, more and more become important. Nowadays, as ... low level-MV womn Kwong-intr-chant-SR
no practice will destroy people 70-12-27 70-12-27-LE.htm Dogen Zenji said sickness does not, you know, destroy-- destroy people, but no ... Footnote restored 2/14/2021.
True Concentration 71-01-10 71-01-10LE.pdf -- were given about our practice referring to Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva? ...
The Boss of Everything 71-01-16 71-01-16LE.pdf Something valuable [laughs]-- not jewel or not candy, but something which is ...
Wherever I Go, I Meet Myself 71-01-23 71-01-23LE.pdf Most of us, maybe, want to know what is self. This is a big problem. Why you ...
Resuming Big Mind 71-02-05 71-02-05LE.pdf Purpose of sesshin is to be completely one with our practice. That is purpose ...
Just Enough Problems 71-02-12-A 71-02-12-A-LE.htm This is the seventh day of the sesshin, and you came already too far. So you ... 2 lectures - saved one with all chants. Footnote restored 2/14/2021.
Not Sticking to Enlightenment 71-02-12-B 71-02-12-BLE.pdf The Sixth Patriarch said: “To dwell on emptiness and to keep calm mind is not ...
it is actually Buddha's practice 71-02-20 71-02-20-LE.htm Buddha's practice goes first. Our practice goes. We say, “our practice,” but ... A? short
Be Kind with Yourself 71-02-23 71-02-23LE.pdf It is more than six months [laughs] since-- Is it working? Student: Yes. -- ... This phrase not in audio, but handwritten in an early transcript: "That is why we have monastic rules, not"
Changing Our Karma 71-03-09 71-03-09LE.pdf One day a Chinese famous Zen master was making a trip with a-- with his disciple. ... Q & A after lecture.
The Teaching Just for You 71-06-05 71-06-05LE.pdf First of all, I want to explain, you know, I want you to understand what is our ...
Okesa Ceremony 71-06-06 71-06-06-LE.htm Tenshin: I will read now a translation of the sutra we just chanted: Listen ... low level at first. Footnotes restored 2/14/2021. Changed "intention [attention?]" to "activity", "this family" to "this ceremony" 3-26-2021 pf.
Calmness of Mind 71-06-07 71-06-07le.pdf Shikantaza, zazen, is-- our zazen is just to be ourselves. Just to be ourselves. ... trfc
Freedom from Everything 71-06-09 71-06-09LE.pdf I think you, you know, have understood-- (Can you hear me? Yeah? Not so well. ... Added the last paragraph which was previously listed separately as 71-06-09-2.
sewing sesshin 71-06-20 71-06-20-LE.htm This sesshin-- we call it “sewing sesshin”-- sesshin and, actually, rakusu sewing-- ... only 2. Q & A after lecture. Footnotes restored 2/14/2021.
One with Everything 71-07-20 71-07-20LE.pdf I wanted to see you earlier, but I was too busy so I couldn't come. Can you ... low level
something which you cannot understand 71-07-21 71-07-21LE.pdf We discussed already last night about what is something which we can experience ... low lv. Q & A after lecture.
San-Pachi-Nenju 71-07-22 71-07-22LE.pdf This evening I want to explain about san-pachi-nenju which we practice. Can you ... low. Q & A after lecture.
virtue of mountain and river 71-07-24 71-07-24LE.pdf This evening I want to talk about Buddhist practice. In one of the fascicle of ... low. Q & A after lecture.
Blue Cliff Records-61, Fuketsu's One Particle Of Dust 71-07-26 71-07-26LE.pdf Engo's Introduction Setting up the Dharma banner and establishing the Dharma ... low
Ryaku Fusatsu Lecture 71-07-29 71-07-29LE.pdf As you know, at Tassajara Ryaku Fusatsu-- Ryaku Fusatsu may be observed as we ... low
to attain the perfection of human practice 71-07-30 71-07-30LE.pdf This evening we observed-- this evening is called Fusatsu. As I explained last ... 2 is just end of 1. Q & A after lecture.
Translation of Unknown Text 71-08-00 71-08-00-LE.htm “Therefore, no buddha attained enlightenment without the form of shaving head-- ... w yvonne - but cut her his early few words. Footnote restored 2/14/2021.
because of our many desires, we do not have freedom 71-08-03 71-08-03LE.pdf I want to explain why we become Buddhist [laughs] or why I myself became a Buddhist. ... low muffled spedup on 2 espec. Q & A after lecture.
On Bodhidharma's Day 71-08-04 71-08-04LE.pdf Tomorrow is the Bodhidharma's Day. We will have-- we have special ceremony this ... low. Q & A after lecture.
good confidence in your practice 71-08-05 71-08-05LE.pdf If you want to practice in its true sense so that you may not regret what you ... low. Q & A after lecture.
Zen is actually, in short, maybe, communication 71-08-07 71-08-07LE.pdf I want to discuss with you about, you know, how you study Zen. Zen is actually, ... low. Q & A after lecture.
Questions and Answers 71-08-08 71-08-08LE.pdf Tonight I have nothing to talk about [laughs]. Empty hand. No book. I just appeared ... very low volume
Obon days 71-08-12 71-08-12LE.pdf Tomorrow-- tomorrow is the thirteenth, is it? In Japan tomorrow is-- tomorrow-- ... Q & A after lecture.
speciality and equality 71-08-13 71-08-13LE.pdf Last night, when we have question and answer, we came across the very important ... low. Q & A after lecture.
wind stops, but still flower falls 71-08-15 71-08-15LE.pdf When-- when wind stops, flowers fall. When a bird sings, ... Q & A after lecture.
why we must have rules 71-08-17 71-08-17LE.pdf In-- in my lecture, sometime I say everyone has buddha-nature, and whatever you ... 1 very low and 2 starts very low. Q & A after lecture.
Wherever you are, we have Zen way of practice 71-08-21 71-08-21LE.pdf Excuse me. [Laughs.] I feel rather stiff. Maybe I worked too hard. Since ...
Talking To His Disciples About His Illness 71-10-09 71-10-09LE.pdf SR: Hai. Student: Francis sent this-- SR: Hmm? Student: Francis-- ...… low

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